How we can improve food for all - getting food safety concerns off the table

Not all companies can quickly identify the cause of a food safety incident
Tracing food across the supply chain takes days, if not weeks, as companies struggle to track a mix of digital and paper-based food data documentation across a complex and growing network of suppliers and distributors.

Gaps in supply chain monitoring create vulnerabilities
Researchers found that a significant number of food safety alerts were due to a lack of supply chain transparency, which permitted food fraud and corruption to occur.

Outdated food traceability practices aren’t built for the modern era
Regulators are now demanding state-of-the-art practices and modern technologies to ensure food safety, and blockchain can help bring organisations up to standard.

Food Sustainability

Rely on shared data and an immutable ledger to help ensure the promised quality of products and that they come from a sustainable source.

Food Waste

Better visibility into your food supply chain can help identify waste hot spots and speed responsiveness so you can reduce costly food waste and boost your bottom line.

Food Fraud

Data-sharing across the food supply helps eliminate chances for fraud and errors – and can help preserve the integrity of raw materials, products, and packaging.

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The CTO of Golden State Foods, Guilda Javaheri, describes how Food Trust delivers new value by providing insights into the supply chain and helping to build consumer trust.

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Carrefour says blockchain tracking is boosting sales

Sales have increased thanks to the use of blockchain ledger technology to track meat, milk and fruit from farms to stores. Carrefour plans to extend its use of blockchain to increase shopper trust.

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