Let’s unleash power

CSI is an enterprise performance Partner

Our purpose is to help you find and exploit a perpetual edge over the challengers and challenges you face. We do this by optimising digital performance and providing data and applications on-demand. We take an outcomes-biased approach that enables you to grow, save, innovate and protect, fearlessly. Our goal is to liberate talent and unlock capital, enabling you to gain an edge, not just for today or tomorrow, but forever.

The CSI Powercloud = IBM Power Systems

The cloud has revolutionised the way organisations operate. It’s why we created the CSI PowerCloud.

When your current IBM i, AIX or Linux infrastructure can’t keep pace with market demands, avoid expensive capex upgrades with flexible access to on-demand compute, including highperformance IBM POWERAI systems optimised for machine learning.

The CSI PowerCloud provides high availability and disaster recovery as well as automated data protection. Our expertise in IT automation ensures that systems are built with minimal manual intervention and continuously checked for compliance.

CSI Powercloud Exchange

What’s more, once in the CSI PowerCloud, you can connect at wire-speed to multiple cloud environments –including the world’s most popular public IaaS and SaaS services, transforming established infrastructure into truly cutting-edge enterprise architecture.

Technology is the means. Outcomes are the end.

The world cares more and more about what technology can do. That’s why we take an outcomesbiased approach.


We help unlock your capital and liberate your IT teams so that both can be redeployed to optimise digital performance and secure new levels of growth.


We enable you to operationalise lean business models and harness the kind of efficiencies that translate cost management into competitive advantage.


Our deep expertise in optimising digital performance in commercially critical environments means you can deliver new experiences and value, at new speed and scale.


We combine practical experience with cognitive computing to keep your data and reputation safe.

CSI Powercloud success stories


CSI worked with the designer shoe retailer to deploy cloud-hosted IBM Power Systems, enabling core systems to run 50 times faster and strengthening customer relationships because shoppers can always find theirfavourite styles in-store or online.

Ditto Bank

CSI provisioned a dedicated, single-tenant cloud environment for this multi-currency bank. Based on IBM Cloud bare metal servers, the solution meets stringent regulatory requirements including PCI DSS and ensures that Ditto Bank’s online services are available –around the world and around the clock.

Artificial Intelligence in an era of threat and opportunity

Competitive advantage today provides no guarantee of advantage tomorrow. This can only come from having the agility to continually and cost-effectively adapt. 

During this period of digital acceleration and disruption, businesses that can harness cognitive computing will be positioned to create new value by changing the relationship between speed, cost and efficiency. CSI can partner with you to seize this opportunity by delivering highperformance platforms that are optimised for Artificial Intelligence workloads. Our expertise enables you to effectively and securely operationalise emerging technology,so you can deliver next-generation customer experiences, today.

The landscape of cyber risk is constantly morphing -no sooner are you protected from attack before the nature of attack changes. CSI’s AI-driven threat protection solutions harness the power of AI and machine learning to spot the tell-tale patterns of an attack before it strikes. It’s a predictive, real-time approach that enables you to avoid cyber threats, not just react to the damage.

About CSI

Founded in 1983, CSI is headquartered in Birmingham with offices in London and Coventry. Our capabilities are focussed on Architecture, Cyber Security, Data, Applications and Cognitive solutions. We specialise in transforming complex regulated workloads to the right cloud, managing every step of the way. 

We have over 35 years' experience with IBM infrastructure and hold many industry accreditations, including IBM, SAP and Microsoft business partnerships, as well as being PCI certified and ISO27001 compliant.