A new era of business reinvention is dawning.

Organisations are facing an unprecedented convergence of technological, social and regulatory forces. As artificial intelligence, blockchain, automation, Internet of Things, 5G and edge computing become pervasive, their combined impact will reshape standard business architectures. The “outside-in” digital transformation of the past decade is giving way to the “inside-out” potential of data exploited with these exponential technologies. We call this next-generation business model the Cognitive Enterprise. Explore the three components below to become a smarter business.

Market-making business platforms

Leverage data, the new currency, to reinvent competitive positioning and create new market opportunities, often straddling organisation and industry boundaries.

Intelligent workflows

Infuse end-to-end and front-to-back processes with exponential technologies to deliver exceptional outcomes and differentiation.

Enterprise experience and humanity

Embed a compelling experience for customers, employees and partners throughout, while maximising the full potential of the ever-evolving, human-technology partnership.

Building the Cognitive Enterprise

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about the three components that make up a Smarter Business.

Reinventing Workflows

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approaching their digital transformation.

Learn how these global firms are building a Smarter Business

How two organisations have mobilised around market-making business platforms.


Leveraging data to help 620 million farming families create a more sustainable future.


Making cross-border trade easier with a platform that enables secure transactions.

How two organisations have reimagined intelligent workflows.


Transforming operations with agile methodology, AI and the Internet of Things.

Region Skane

Building a prescription for smarter healthcare through intelligent workflows.

How two organisations have prioritised enterprise experience and humanity.


Improving flight operations and enhancing customer experience while cutting costs.


Making home-buying easier through an AI-powered, cloud-based customer service platform.

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