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Digital transformation for intelligent manufacturing operations

To create both sustainable and profitable operations, you need intelligent plant operations and a hybrid cloud infrastructure. By leveraging intelligent, automated workflows, edge computing and the power of hybrid cloud, smarter asset management and insights based on data and AI, you can quickly spot defects and reduce waste and latency, keep assets healthier, satisfy shareholder and employee expectations, and continuously meet regulatory requirements. Whether your operations are continuous, batch or discrete, IBM can help you innovate your manufacturing organization with the right technology and deep industry expertise to build a more resilient, sustainable factory.

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Intelligent plant operations for sustainable manufacturing Quality assurance

Improve quality and reduce scrap with visual monitoring at enterprise scale to detect anomalies.

Asset performance

Optimize performance and reliability, extend asset lifecycles and reduce operational downtime and costs.

Product digital thread

Maximize visibility and traceability by connecting related processes and data across the entire development lifecycle.

Production optimization

Boost productivity and profitability, and reduce inventory with asset monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Sustainable plants

Improve energy efficiency, reduce the carbon footprint and waste in plants, and create a safer environment for employees.

Hybrid cloud infrastructure
For any type of manufacturer — from natural resources to industrial products — IBM can help you with a hybrid cloud infrastructure across plant application modernization, operational technology (OT) security, IT and OT integration, and plant network modernization, to give you the scalability and flexibility you need. Learn more about industry 4.0 scalability

Siemens launches a hybrid cloud initiative

Siemens, IBM and Red Hat launch Hybrid Cloud initiative to increase the real-time value of industrial IoT data.

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