Ensure a safe return to work with analytics, IoT and artificial intelligence

As businesses reopen, they must create environments that facilitate healthy human interactions and sustainable workplace operations. The Maximo® Safety solution brings together the latest IoT sensor technologies with advanced analytics and edge-enabled applications and services to provide you with  near real-time insights of worksites and employees. Use these insights to conduct elevated body temperature monitoring, manage occupancy and no-go zones, and facilitate employee social distancing and contact event tracing — all while ensuring employee privacy.

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Ensure health and safety through monitoring

Advanced analytics and AI deliver greater insights into your asset health so you can learn the best actions to take and when to take them to optimize asset performance, reduce costs and avoid downtime.

Prevent workplace accidents

Use predictive information and insights to address worker health and safety issues before they become problems.


Quickly align with new safety policies

Ensure employee privacy while continuously improving adherence to regulations, including new social distancing and safety guidelines, through learning.

Workplace safety solutions

AI computer vision solutions

Accelerate the adoption of AI visual capabilities to help your teams quickly identify production defects, remotely monitor assets and train deep learning vision models — even without coding expertise.

Autonomous management of edge solutions

Use an intelligent and flexible platform that provides autonomous management for edge computing. Manage the scale, variability and rate of change of application environments across tens of thousands of endpoints simultaneously.

AI video analytics solutions

Turn video content into valuable insights to help improve operational performance, safety and security. These solutions use machine learning to accurately identify, classify and track objects and conditions and then send alerts based on what they “see”.

Workplace safety services

IBM collaborates with you to set up a customized solution based on your industry needs and environment, to test the use cases in about a few weeks, and scale the solution globally to create safe working environments.

Workplace safety use cases

Crowd density management

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 or other airborne viruses, occupancy levels need to remain low. By using insights based on people counted in a camera’s field of view, businesses can monitor the density of people in a specific space.

Elevated body temperature monitoring

Real-time, AI-based video analytics enable thermal or infrared (IR) cameras at entry points of facilities to screen body temperatures and generate alerts when they register high levels — so you can assess and ensure that person is not posing a risk to others.

Face mask detection

For a safe return to work and adherence to relevant health guidelines, businesses must be able to determine whether individuals are wearing their face masks properly. Real-time, AI-based video analytics at edge devices like optical cameras can provide face mask detection.

Social distancing scoring

Implementing strategically defined spacing helps reduce the risk of transmitting airborne viruses, and edge-enabled technology can help keep those spaces safe as more people occupy them.


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