If you’re an operations or reliability leader, you need to understand how and when enterprise assets fail, so you can take immediate action to reduce risk. Asset performance management (APM) enhances asset management insights with targeted AI, analytics and automation. APM helps teams minimize unplanned repair work, reduce equipment failure, increase asset availability and extend asset life without unnecessary costs.


Monitor assets smarter

Remotely monitor critical assets and operations with AI-powered monitoring at enterprise scale. Aggregate operating state and IT data with process parameters across repositories to provide enterprise-wide visibility into performance and receive fewer, more accurate alerts and greater insights.

Predict asset failure

Use an IoT and AI platform to help predict when asset degradation or failure might occur.
Correlate factors such as historical and real-time asset performance data, maintenance records, inspection reports and environmental data.

Optimize asset health

Transform your approach by driving actions based on the current health of your assets. Monitor factors such as condition, cost, performance and remaining useful life. Define scoring methods, prioritize areas of focus and initiate maintenance activities.

Plan your asset strategy

Optimize asset maintenance and replacement strategies based on asset risk and criticality.  Determine how to better manage inspections and maintenance, optimize repair and operations inventories, and prioritize replacement versus repair decisions.

Maximo Application Suite APM capabilities

Remote asset monitoring

Give maintenance teams the ability to track asset conditions and anomalies more efficiently, using remote monitoring. AI and IoT helps them see, predict and prevent issues across legacy systems and data-driven operations.

Predictive maintenance

Improve asset reliability with condition-based maintenance by using asset health insights from operational data and analytics to help predict and plan for asset failures, repairs and replacements.

Computer vision

Increase productivity, identify production defects faster and gain operational insight when you add intelligent computer vision designed for business users without coding expertise.

Industry-specific asset management software and solutions

APM for energy and utilities

Take a comprehensive view of interconnected energy and utility assets, using IoT, AI, real-time weather data and advanced analytics. Stay on top of asset and network health, predictive maintenance and repair management to reduce risk to grid operations and improve reliability.

Energy and utility industry asset management

Keep critical utilities equipment operating at maximum efficiency, enhance asset reliability and maintain availability.

Civil infrastructure asset management

Extend the life of highways, bridges and utilities with AI-based infrastructure asset management for monitoring early warning signs of potential issues.


Asset performance management for improved reliability

Welcome to the era of asset optimization. Learn how you can plan, monitor, predict maintenance and improve the overall performance of your assets with a single, integrated platform.

Asset performance management blog

Get the latest curated trends and information around asset performance management.

How asset performance management works

Unlock the full value of asset performance management for your organization, from work order to repair. See how a maintenance manager, reliability engineer or field technician might use APM to enhance their jobs.

IBM Maximo APM training

Gain the basic knowledge of technology trends, business challenges clients are facing, and how the IBM Maximo Asset Performance Management portfolio enables clients to solve those challenges — and earn a badge.

Condition-based asset maintenance with IBM Maximo

Boost operational resilience and improve ROI with IBM Maximo Application Suite, which provides condition-based asset maintenance that can grow with your business , all in a single platform.

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