Combine analytics governance with data-driven innovation

Cognos Analytics and Watson Analytics work together to provide the smartest Business Intelligence solution for data analytics governance and data-driven innovation. Get consistent, trustworthy, expert insights rather than flawed insights from "unlicensed" data users. This is Business Intelligence that, in our data-driven age, can transform your organisation.

Business Intelligence tools for all types of users

For Information Consumers

You love that your information arrives on your desktop fully interactive. Customize it to meet your needs and save and subscribe to your personal view. Dive deeper and you’re on your way to becoming a Data Explorer.

For Data Explorers

You want the freedom to work with corporate data and/or your own or third-party data. Answer questions, identify patterns and find drivers. Do data discovery without human bias. Capture your findings and share them. Or prototype models and reports for Power Users.

For Power Users

Access and prepare all types of data and reports for your organization. Manage your content and Users with a custom look and feel. With scheduled distribution, it’s easy to share at scale with Information Consumers.

Featured solution

IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud

A software-as-a-service business intelligence solution built to deliver the self-service you expect, data governance you require, and reporting you can trust.

IBM Cognos Analytics for better data-driven decisions

  • Empowering users across organisations to create reports and dashboards
  • An intuitive, user-friendly interface designed for data experts and/or business users
  • Robust natural language search mechanisms
  • Built-in, powerful data visualization tools
  • Managed self-service for faster insights
  • Tracked reporting and dash-boarding for better governance

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Social media analytics technology that helps you achieve a holistic view of consumers, your market and competitors—all from millions of online sources.

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