Build a trusted platform for unparalleled collaboration

Data lives at the heart of supply chains – but it’s not always visible, available or trusted. IBM Blockchain helps you share trusted data across permissioned supply chain participants, erasing legacy silos and powering new networks fueled by transformative insights.

This matters more than ever: today’s consumers seek out brands that can guarantee product authenticity, while supply chain partners demand responsible sourcing and better visibility to minimize disputes.

As the leader in enterprise blockchain, we bring collaborators and competitors together through governance and business models that create shared value through a trusted technology platform fostering unrivaled synergy, deployment flexibility and scalability.

Supply chain transformation happening now

Container logistics

More than 150 exporters, importers, freight forwarders, customs authorities and more around the world now work collaboratively on TradeLens, an open and neutral supply chain platform underpinned by blockchain technology.

Food supply

IBM Food Trust™ is bringing together a diverse group of growers, distributors and retailers to unlock supply chain efficiencies, minimize waste, enhance food safety and more. Their collaboration is delivering game-changing business results and improving confidence in the world’s food supply.


Helping suppliers create a trusted, digital identity that they can use with multiple buyers, Trust Your Supplier accelerates supplier onboarding and lifecycle management. Suppliers can avoid redundant submission of the same information, reducing the time to first transaction.

Responsible sourcing

Bringing together leading OEMs, miners and smelters, the Responsible Sourcing Blockchain Network provides much-needed transparency into the origin of battery metals like cobalt, reducing many of the legal, reputational and commercial risks participants have previously faced.

Counterfeit prevention

In some countries, counterfeit pharmaceuticals account for 70 percent of all drugs in the supply chain. A recent pilot by KPMG, Merck, Walmart and IBM leveraging blockchain injects new trust into the system by reducing the time it takes to trace prescription drugs from 16 weeks to just two seconds.

Supply chain visibility

Unexpected events often throw supply chains into turmoil. The Vertrax Blockchain provides new transparency to oil and gas supply chain participants so they can respond to demand spikes due to severe weather and other unforeseen events – all in the computing environments of their choice.

What makes IBM the integrator of choice

Network convening power

people around a table discussing and analysing some documents

IBM is the leader in bringing blockchain to life in supply chains around the world. Our award-winning collaborations are making the food supply smarter and safer, propelling global trade with less friction, protecting against counterfeiting, and much more.


    Unparalleled deployment flexibility

    The award-winning IBM Blockchain Platform has been optimized for Red Hat® OpenShift®. You and your network participants can deploy blockchain components in the computing environments of your choice while maintaining complete ownership of your data.

    The leader in blockchain services

    Bring your blockchain vision to life with insights from more than 1,600 business and technical experts who have deep experience from over 500 client engagements to date. Find out why we’re the leading choice among blockchain analysts.

    Integration with IBM Sterling Supply Chain

    Enjoy always-on connectivity in a scalable, open, hybrid-cloud environment as you unleash the dual powers of blockchain and AI to build intelligent, self-correcting supply chains.

    How to get started with IBM Blockchain

    Join an existing network. Build your own blockchain solution. Co-create one with our experts. Partner with others for new opportunities. Wherever you and your supply chain partners are in your blockchain journey, IBM Blockchain will meet you there – and help take you where you want to go.