Why Linux on Z?

The enterprise Linux® operating system offers a solid foundation for your hybrid cloud IT infrastructure. See how workloads running on Linux on Z inherit the reliability, scalability and security of the IBM Z® platform and how workloads consolidated onto Linux on Z share resources to reduce costs.


Run your Linux applications on IBM Z to inherit the capabilities of the platform.

Cyber resiliency

7 nines

Rely on a system designed for 99.99999% availability, workload isolation and faster recovery.


19 billion

Run up to 19 billion fully encrypted transactions per day and manage data privacy by policy.



Reduce latency by 4.7x and improve throughput with co-location of Linux and other workloads.

Linux server platforms

NEW: Enterprise server with Linux

Gain new insights plus speed, resilience and compliance with IBM z16™ for Linux workloads, benefitting your hybrid cloud approach.

Linux-optimized server platform

Designed with clients for open innovation, IBM LinuxONE III combines the best of Linux and open technology with the best of enterprise computing in one system.

Linux server virtualization

LPAR virtualization

Partition a physical server into logical partitions (LPARs) with protection certified to EAL5+.

IBM hypervisor

Host thousands of virtual machines on a single system with scalability, system management and performance.

Open hypervisor

Create and manage virtual machines using familiar tools with the open source KVM hypervisor.

Linux operating system software

Linux distributions

IBM Z enterprise servers can run a variety of Linux distributions — including Red Hat® Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and Canonical Ubuntu Linux — with a common experience.

Hybrid cloud software

Containers and Kubernetes

With containerized software you can build and modernize applications once, and deploy them anywhere – aligned to the needs of your customers.


Gain simplified IaaS management and integrate seamlessly into hybrid cloud environments via OpenStack compatible APIs.

Hybrid cloud software

IBM Cloud® Paks deliver the hybrid cloud experience, enabling you to build and modernize faster across any cloud or IT infrastructure.

Cyber resiliency software

Clustering technologies for resiliency

Support multiple disk replication, high availability, and disaster recovery at any distance from a single point of control.

Storage software for resiliency

Manage data at scale and perform archive and analytics in place without bottlenecks.

Server relocation for availability

Live Guest Relocations allow for a Linux guest to be moved from one z/VM system to another within a Single System Image cluster.


Linux-certified tested platforms

Get information on certified and IBM-tested Linux platforms from our distribution partners.

Dedicated Linux processor

Learn about the dedicated processor for Linux workloads on IBM Z.

IBM training for Linux

Find out about the latest Linux and open source training courses from IBM.

Infrastructure services

Our technical consultants can help you design and implement your solutions.

What is open source software?

Discover the advantages, history and latest trends for open source software.

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