IBM Z and Cloud Modernization Stack
Leverage the best of the mainframe and the innovation of the cloud
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A hybrid approach combining the best of the cloud with IBM® zSystems®

Jumpstart or accelerate application modernization and take a standardized approach to IT automation on IBM zSystems with the IBM Z and Cloud Modernization Stack. This means you can innovate faster with greater productivity.

Provide simple and highly-secure access to mainframe applications and data through APIs in minutes. Embrace modern enterprise DevOps with industry-standard tooling and modern languages that expands your talent pool. Take a standardized approach to IT automation and reduce the need for specialized skills while maintaining proper controls and compliance.

IBM and AWS partner on mainframe application modernization at re:Invent 2022
Benefits Reduce the talent gap

IBM zSystems supports open and standard programming languages, toolchains, and development practices, opening up a broad pool of available talent.

Create a consistent DevOps experience

IBM zSystems supports modern DevOps tools and practices that are common and consistent with cloud application development techniques.

Access mainframe data easily

Use your IBM zSystems data without moving off-platform to unlock the full value of your mission-critical data.

Optimize costs

Select from a broad set of capabilities, languages, and tools, paying only for what you use.

Maintain optionality

Use Red Hat® OpenShift® as a common open hybrid cloud platform to build once and deploy where there is the best fit.

Features Application analysis

Reduce the risk of application changes by rapidly analyzing your code changes to ensure your dependencies are known before getting started.

Open-standard-based APIs

Provide highly-secure access to mainframe applications and data through industry standard APIs using Open API specifications.

Cloud-native development

Develop and modernize IBM® z/OS® applications with a cloud-native approach, increasing speed and agility for greater developer productivity.

Standardized IT automation for z/OS

Use simple and automated z/OS software management for self-serve access to z/OS environments for developers.

Use cases Enable no-code Open APIs in minutes

Implement and test new APIs in isolation using an OpenAPI 3 specification and API first mapping.

Manage z/OS apps with cloud native tools

Edit, debug and build z/OS applications using cloud native tools. A common cloud experience enables cross-platform app dev teams.

Employ rapid application analysis

Plan your code changes to ensure you know all the dependencies before beginning. Generate an impact analysis graph to see all the dependencies.

Enhance apps with Open Enterprise languages

Add new microservices or application enhancements using the open enterprise language of your own choosing.

Automate z/OS software management

Use preconfigured software packaging for consistent interfaces and management of software with Red Hat OpenShift.

Use on-demand z/OS environments and resources

Increase developer and systems programmer productivity with on-demand provisioning of z/OS resources using industry standard skills and practices.


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