Key features of IBM Wazi Developer

Support for bring your own IDE

Choose an IDE Client

IBM Wazi Developer offers essential developer capabilities that include edit, build, and debug across a choice of popular integrated development environments – Microsoft® VS Code™, Eclipse®, or Red Hat® CodeReady Workspaces.

Personal z/OS sandbox environment on Red Hat OpenShift

Create and manage the Sandbox

Get a personal, containerized development and test environment optimized to run on the Red Hat OpenShift platform, plus provisioning tools that synchronize build artifacts to keep the sandbox up-to-date.

Modern editing experience for COBOL, REXX, PL/I and Assembler

Get modern editor features including code completion, code snippets, real-time syntax checking, copybook navigation, outline view and refactoring, plus syntax highlighting for editing JCL.

Integrated debugger with the IBM Debug for z/OS

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Work with breakpoints and variables, step through code, and modify registers and variables for COBOL and PL/I programs within VS Code, Eclipse, or Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces using the IBM Debug for z/OS®.

Intelligent build capability with IBM Dependency Based Build

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The intelligent build feature provided by IBM Dependency Based Build enables automation with a modern scripting language and ensures files—source and dependencies—in the mainframe build process are current.

Graphical, web-based discovery and analysis of application components and their relationships

Understand the impact of changes with Wazi Analyze

Supports a graphical visualization of COBOL application artifact dependencies. This includes an application artifact search feature to select artifacts to analyze, a graph or table view of the program call structure of an application, and a view of the relationships between programs and copybooks in an application.

Integration with a standard, enterprise-wide CI/CD pipeline

Create a CI/CD pipeline with Jenkins

Automate pipeline delivery with modern tools and standard processes across platforms.