Flexera One with IBM® Observability

Robust  IT asset management and cloud optimization. Integrate with IBM Turbonomic.

What’s supported

Application management

IBM Instana® Observability

Delivering automation that prevents app performance risks and maximizes elasticity.

Azure Application Insights

Get recommendations and take actions to both assure performance and drive efficiency.

Cisco AppDynamics

Assure apps are architected and written well, plus get the resources needed to perform continuously.


Get visibility, insight and automated actions to continuously assure app performance.

New Relic

Assure continuous application performance through automated decisions.


Monitor and collect metrics in real time, while simultaneously assuring application performance automatically.


Delivering observability and automated actions to assure the performance of all applications.

Asset management

Flexera One with IBM Observability

Comprehensive IT asset management and cloud optimization with embedded IBM support.

Container platforms

Red Hat® OpenShift®

Simultaneously assure performance, minimize cost, and maintain compliance with automated decisions.

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

Achieve app-driven, full stack management with automated decisions for continuous performance.

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Top-down, app-driven analytics that assure the continuous performance of your applications.

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

Ensure continuous performance and elasticity through automated actions.


Continuously and automatically manage resources at every layer of the application stack to assure performance.


Microsoft SQL Server

Assure performance through automated actions, taking a top-down approach.


Take intelligent actions to prevent resource starvation and performance degradation.


Get automated actions that assure app performance through every layer of your application stack.


Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) Manager

Intelligently automate and even determine when to provision new hosts or add a new chassis.

HPE OneView

Enable automation at the hardware level, including automated provisioning of new hosts.



Recognize storage tiers when calculating placement of VMs and VStorage and take actions to scale flash capacity.


Observe and manage compute and storage resources to assure app performance and maximize efficiency.


Microsoft VMM/Hyper-V

Manage resources to ensure VMs always get the resources they need to perform with automated actions.

VMware vCenter

Full-stack visibility and management of resources to drive efficiency and sustainability while assuring application performance.

Nutanix AHV

Discover and manage resources in your Acropolis Hypervisor environment to assure application performance.

Virtual desktop infrastructure

VMWare Horizon

Efficiently use VDI infrastructure while assuring app performance and gaining insight into the environment.



Ensure compliance with IT change management while automating resources for performance and efficiency.

Action Scripts

Add custom processing to actions presented as orchestration options for actions in automation policies.

Public cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Continuously generate actions that optimize your environment including RI inventory.

AWS Billing

Accurately calculate cloud investments and savings as resourcing actions are prescribed.

Microsoft Azure

Optimize your environment including reserved instances inventory, with continuously generated actions.

Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

Leverage custom pricing to calculate workload size and RI coverage for your Azure environment.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Put performance first and continuously generate actions that optimize your environment.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Billing

As resourcing actions are prescribed, calculate cloud investments and savings with greater accuracy.

Service mesh


Leverage response time and telemetry data to drive decisions that ensure SLOs are met.


IBM® FlashSystem

Ensure that your most important workloads get high-performance storage when they need it.


Understand the resource relationships between storage and your mission-critical applications.


Confidently know how mission-critical workloads are consuming storage, compute and network resources.

NetApp ONTAP Data Management Software

Gain accurate visibility into storage, compute and network resource consumption by mission-critical workloads.

Pure Storage

Deliver high-performance storage to critical workloads when they need it.

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