OpenPages Regulatory Compliance Management

Combines software, process automation, data feeds and expertise. It enables institutions to have a more complete, accurate and timely view of their regulatory compliance risks. Supported by a centralized data model, OpenPages Regulatory Compliance Management is designed to transform the compliance process and drive both confidence and efficiency.

What does the product module do?

How it works

Regulatory compliance management demo

IBM OpenPages Regulatory Compliance Management: Demo

IBM OpenPages Regulatory Compliance Management: Demo (04:13)

Regulatory compliance management demo

Watch this demo to learn how to drive efficient end-to-end regulatory compliance management.

Ingest regulatory feeds

product screenshot showing regulatory change log feed

Ingest regulatory feeds

Load content feeds from Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence, Wolters Kluwer, Ascent, and Reg-Track into OpenPages. Rules-based set up automatically processes incoming regulatory data.

Regulator interactions

product screenshot showing regulator interaction workflow

Regulator interactions

Out-of-box workflows assist users with documenting and managing an organized response to regulator interactions, such as inquiries, meeting requests, and examinations.

Distribute data to owners

product screenshot showing regulatory change log

Distribute data to owners

Regulatory requirements can be organized into logical groupings and assigned to appropriate owners across the organization about regulatory change events, creating a transparent resolution process.

Other product modules

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