What can Engineering Lifecycle Optimization do for you?

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization (ELO) products are extensions to the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) portfolio. They make it easier to:

  • Gather and analyze data from across the entire development environment for better decision-making
  • Automate reporting to ensure the entire organization has the information needed to optimize development
  • Define processes which can help your extended team adopt and follow best practices
  • Interface with third-party tools to customize your development environment


Better decisions

Visualize, analyze and empower action from engineering lifecycle data coming from various tools.

Quality reporting

Build high-quality custom reports easily across the entire ELM portfolio of products and third-party products.

Embrace best practices

Define and publish process descriptions to integrated best practices and aid in complying with standards such as ISO 26262, Automotive SPICE and CMMi.

Leverage third-party tools

Extend your development environment by using open-standard-based integrated adapters to connect to third-party lifecycle tools.

Which Engineering Lifecycle Optimization offering is right for you?

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Engineering Insights

Engineering Insights helps you visualize, analyze and gain insights from your engineering data. Teams can improve their understanding of the relationships in complex lifecycle data and demonstrate compliance with regulatory and industry standards.

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Publishing

Publishing automates the generation of document-style reports across ELM and third-party tools for formal reviews, contractual obligations, regulatory oversight, or ad hoc use. Supports high-quality reports in formats such as PDF, HTML, Word, Excel or XSL.

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Method Composer

Method Composer is a flexible process management platform with authoring tool and process asset library to help you implement measured improvements across development processes. Method Composer lets you create, edit, manage and publish processes.

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Integrations Adapters Tasktop Edition

Extend the IBM ELM solution with integrations to a number of third-party tools. Customize your environment and leverage your current lifecycle tool investment. Leverages OSLC interface into products from Microsoft, Jira, GitHub, MicroFocus, Broadcom, BMC and others.

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Integrations Adapters for Windchill

Integrates PTC Windchill PDMLink and IBM ELM applications, allowing both software products to perform fundamental change management functions. They also coordinate change management functions across both the ALM and PLM systems. This allows engineers better collaboration — promoting a faster, more efficient delivery schedule and higher product quality.

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Integrations Adapters for Aras Innovator

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A web application that integrates and establishes two-way communications between IBM ELM applications and Aras Innovator. Using the adapter, Aras Innovator administers can establish friend relationships between servers and associate projects in ELM applications. This enables Aras Innovator users to work easily across products.