Key features of Digital Health Pass

See what powers our digital health pass solution for issuers, individuals and verifiers.

Credential generation

Access our issuer network to produce health credentials.

Credential verification

Verify credentials to check that the issuer's electronic signature is valid, the credential has not been altered, it is not expired and has not been revoked.

Secured verification

Allows organizations to verify credentials without having access to an individual’s underlying information.

Digital wallet app

Allow individuals to control the data they share, with whom and for what purpose.

Data privacy

Allow selective obfuscation of fields without impacting the integrity of the verification process.


Adopt a decentralized identity architecture that can help minimize the need to collect or store personal data.

Open standards

Exchange and verify credentials data with W3C standards across a global network.

Flexible integrations

Integrate the Digital Health Pass platform into your current digital experiences such as CRM systems, travel apps and stadium systems.

Advanced cryptography

Protects user data so that it remains private when generating credentials. Blockchain and cryptography provide credentials that are tamper-proof and trusted.