The value of end-to-end security

IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration uses the high-security application gateway of IBM® DataPower® Gateway to provide an optimum level of security assurance certification for critical enterprise apps. Apply high-speed, any-to-any message transformation and transport protocol bridging to quickly connect services and simplify your integration.
Now you can share your business-critical data at a variety of levels to multiple users in a cloud-centric, enterprise integration infrastructure without increasing risk.

How it’s used

Multi-channel protection

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Multi-channel protection

A robust application gateway, providing comprehensive security to support multi-channel use cases in a single integration platform — from mobile- and API-based apps, to traditional SOAP-based protocols, and more.

Easy configuration

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Easy configuration

Supports a wide range of use cases with several common services available across apps and message types. These services are easy to configure and provide advanced security capabilities.

DMZ and trusted zone

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DMZ and trusted zone

Deploy your DMZ to be the ‘buffer zone’ between the outside world and your enterprise, and where most security policies are enforced. In a trusted zone, get multiple levels of security and a split of functionality so services can run near where they’re needed.

Deployment flexibility

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Deployment flexibility

Optional multi-tier implementation enables multiple functions across environments: the DMZ gateway providing access security; the trusted zone gateway managing message transformation, mediation with apps, load balancing, and encryption/decryption server.

What you get

End-to-end security features

Enterprise-grade security gateway

DataPower Gateway provides the highest level of security assurance certification for critical apps. It offers a highly scalable reverse proxy for user access control and web SSO, and more.

Security-rich API gateway

An enterprise-grade, field-proven, security-rich API gateway, with policies for security, traffic management, and mediation.

Integration modules

Provides high-speed, any-to-any message transformation, transport protocol bridging, database connectivity, mainframe connectivity, content-based routing, and B2B partner gateway capabilities.