Virtualization for hybrid cloud

Virtualization is an important step in your journey to hybrid cloud. Optimize your IT infrastructure with server virtualization by sharing physical server resources to reduce the need for more servers, speed provisioning of new workloads and scale resources cost-effectively as workloads grow.


Virtualization supports the hybrid cloud journey and enables organizations to reduce IT expenses, gain agility and resilience, and isolate workloads more effectively.

Reduce IT expenses

Consolidate thousands of workloads onto one physical server as virtual machines.

Gain agility and resiliency

Provision new virtual machines quickly and live migrate existing virtual machines.

Isolate workloads

Protect workloads from each other and admins by isolating in virtual machines.

Virtual server technologies

Logical partitions

Partition a physical server into LPARs with the highest level of protection - certified to EAL5+.

Virtualization software

Enable more VMs with a hypervisor that delivers scalability, management, and performance.

Open source virtualization

Create and manage virtual machines using familiar tools with the open source KVM hypervisor.

Virtualization solutions with enhanced isolation

Virtual servers on-premises

Build, deploy and manage mission-critical applications for hybrid multicloud environments securely.

Virtual servers in the cloud

Gain authority over workloads in the public cloud and protect your business with a virtual server environment.

Isolated virtual machines

Protect workloads from internal and external threats with isolation at granularity and scale.


Virtualization learn hub

Understand how virtualization works and explore how it enables cloud computing.

Virtualization training

Attend technical training on the implementation and management of virtualization in IBM Z and LinuxONE environments.

Virtualization tips

Learn about virtualization technologies and how to run Linux as a guest of a hypervisor.

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