IDC MarketScape names IBM a leader in professional services

For the second consecutive year, IBM is recognized as a leader in mining industry professional services for mining and operational optimization.

Transformation accelerated by AI and hybrid cloud

Creating a metals and mining industry digital platform connects your data with AI for insights to achieve sustainability and Industry 4.0 agendas. Co-create to optimize production, reduce carbon footprint and define new ways of working.

IBM’s open AI and hybrid cloud architecture accelerates your transformation by expanding access to innovation, deploying at scale and offering more choices.

  • Bring AI and automation to the Edge for rapid response at the point of need 
  • Build intelligent workflows that run on-premise or your choice of public clouds 
  • Adopt industry platforms to co-create with partners across the value chain

Metals and mining industry solutions

Minimize equipment downtime

One hour of downtime can cost over USD 100,000. Proactively manage your enterprise asset utilization and performance with data analytics and predictive solutions.

Optimize spare parts inventory

Applying machine learning to predict supply chain needs and reduce inventory carrying costs by 20%, compared with intuition. Save tens of millions of dollars in a matter of months.

Modernize SAP applications 

Get more value from SAP investments, by unlocking enterprise data for agile operations.


Smart Manufacturing

Connecting IoT devices and using cognitive capabilities to align workflows and processes are hallmarks of intelligent manufacturing plants.

Digging deep to support sustainable mining

The mining industry needs to take on globalization, environmental challenges, and technology disruption simultaneously and holistically to survive and thrive.

Exploring quantum computing for manufacturing

Quantum computing is expected to help develop breakthrough products and services that will disrupt and redefine manufacturing.

Discover the metals and mining industry solutions that can help you better conserve natural resources, improve global mining practices and increase profitability.