Why eOpenHouse

2020 was a challenging year and many businesses were grappling with transformational challenges. Like a seasoned and agile surfer, this is the year that companies should gear up and further infuse technology into their businesses; and be ready to ride the wave as the economic upswing kicks in.

The IBM eOpenHouse features local stories of how you can:

  • Drive growth by leveraging technology to scale
  • Transform digitally to become a business of the future
  • Innovate products and processes to capture new markets and clients

Join us on 8 April 2021, a virtual event where you will hear from IBM and Business Partners Executives in Key Notes addresses and track sessions on how clients leverage technology to grow, transform and innovate to ride the wave in this new normal.

Let's learn and help each other through this transformational journey.

Agenda @ A Glance

Time Topic
9:30 AM SGT onwards Technology Showcase
Join IBM and our ecosystem of partners at the Technology Showcase before the keynote sessions start
10:00 AM SGT Keynotes start
10:00 AM – 11:20 AM SGT Welcome  Address

Jee Toon Tan, Director, IBM Partner Ecosystem, ASEAN
10:00 AM – 11:20 AM SGT Innovating Together to Realize Business Value
In this inspiring and forward-looking discussion between IBM and NCS, glean insights on how enterprises and governments are preparing themselves for the economic upswing through the three lenses of retaining freedom, restoring security and rebalancing touch.

Martin Chee, General Manager, IBM ASEAN
Keith Leong, Managing Director, Global Delivery & Customer Group, NCS Pte Ltd, Singapore
10:00 AM – 11:20 AM SGT The Transformation Journey of Bank BPD Bali in Driving Economic Regional Growth and Development
The digitalization journey of Bank BPD Bali - a regional development bank in Indonesia -  has accelerated their transformation by simplifying and modifying their business process with the help of IBM solutions. It resulted in an increase of customer satisfaction level and their ability to better serve their customers.

Wahyudi Chandra, President Director, PT Multipolar Technology Tbk, Indonesia
Ida Bagus Gede Setia Yasa, S.Kom., M.M., Operational Director, PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Bali, Indonesia
10:00 AM – 11:20 AM SGT Bank Islam’s Digital Transformation Journey in the New Normal
Learn about the digitalisation journey of a bank that has embarked on digital banking transformation journey in response to their hyper-digital customers. Bank Islam has been  rebuilding business models using current SIBS infrastructure - which supports digital integration seamlessly.

Othman Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer, Islamic Banking at Silverlake Group
Mohd Muazzam Mohamed, Chief Executive Officer, Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad & BIMB Holdings Bhd., Malaysia
10:00 AM – 11:20 AM SGT Overcoming the Challenges of COVID and Driving Digital Business with a Leading API Partner
Discover how UnionBank has solved their business and IT challenges with the help of Questronix's Qymera solution -  powered by IBM API Connect. With this industry-leading solution, UnionBank expertly secured and managed their entire API ecosystem across multiple clouds, resulting in rapid expansion leading to  increased customer satisfaction.

Mike Dionisio, President, Questronix, Corporation, Philippines
Henry Aguda, Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Technology & Operations Officer, Chief Transformation Officer, UnionBank, Philippines

10:30 AM SGT onwards Breakout Tracks
All Tracks open (on-demand/ live)
Select the videos/ topics that are of interest to you

11:00 AM SGT

All Tracks and Technology showcase will remain opened till 1:00 PM


Breakout Tracks

Drive Growth by leveraging Technology to scale

Managed Security Services & Security Operation Center

Digit Oktavianto
Technical Consulting Manager,
PT. Metrodata Electronics Tbk., Indonesia

ACTIVE-ACTIVE Database for Power server to increase the up-time for server & Power on Cloud

Lee Cheng Ban
General Manager,
Computer Business Solutions Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

SOC Transformation – Intelligence Driven Security Operations

Andrew Namboka
Solutions Director, Security,
NTT Singapore Solutions Pte Ltd, Singapore

Client Story : Actionable Planning and Financial Analytics for a Resilient Tomorrow

Faye Kuik
Principal Consultant,
PMsquare Pte Ltd, Singapore

Smoothing Your Road To Security Success

Ruangchai Muttahutthakorn
Security Architecture Consultant

Karin Naak-in
Information Security Manager,
MFEC Public Company Limited, Thailand

How effective it is in use Cognitive SOC as-a-service

Phan Thi Mai Linh
Head of SOC,
CMC Technology and Solution Company Limited, Vietnam

How to streamline lending processes with IBM DBA solutions

Nguyen Ho Duy
Head of Transformation Office,
HPT Vietnam Corporation, Vietnam

Transforming the bank to an open ecosystem to be competitive

Nguyen Kim Quy
Deputy General Director,
South East Asia Information Technology Joint Stock Company, Vietnam

Transform digitally to become future-ready business

Automated Risk Management with AI

Witono Ali
Data Management Consultant, PT Multipolar Technology Tbk, Indonesia

Modernizing Apps on Microservices - a Hands on Journey and Lessons Learnt

Nicholas Tee,
Chief Technology Officer, Cyber Village Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Empowering Business with Digital Technology Innovation

Mary Jane Madelo-Bundoc
Solutions Manger for Hybrid Cloud and Integration, Questronix Corporation, Philippines

Secrets to Success: Accelerating Your Business with Digital Technology

Jirachote Sukhajutha
Business Development Manager, Solution Lead - IBM Software, Metro Systems Corporation Public Company Limited, Thailand

Smarter – Securer – Safer Payments

Tepparit Tantisattayakun
Business Development Manager, Yip In Tsoi & Co., Ltd., Thailand

Innovate products and processes to capture new markets and clients

AI Market Trendspotting

Ratri Adityarani
Business Development Manager,
PT Walden Global Services

Back Up as a Service – Taking Resilience and Continuity to a New Level

Arthur J. Geronimo
Chief Operating Officer,
Ebizolutions Inc., Philippines


Grow, Transform and Innovate via Managed IT Services, a Thai Bank’s Journey

Michael Choong
EVP, Strategic Account Management and Senior Consultant,
Silverlake Infrastructure & Logistics Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Transform, Innovate, Grow: Transcending Omni-Channel With Multi-Experience To Improve Customer & Employee Experience

Vineeth Nayak
Founder & Chief Executive Officer,
Tetherfi Pte Ltd, Singapore

Visualize your Enterprise Assets, Maximize Your Business Reliability

Suwicha Kocharanchitt
General Manager,
Triple Dot Consulting Co., Ltd

Keynotes Speakers

Mr. Henry Aguda

Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Technology & Operations Officer, Chief Transformation Officer, Union Bank, Philippines

Mr. Hendy Aguda

Ida Bagus Gede Setia Yasa, S.Kom., M.M.

Operational Director, PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Bali, Indonesia

Ida Bagus G. Setiayasa, S.Kom., M.M.

Keith Leong

Managing Director, Global Delivery & Customer Group, NCS Pte Ltd, Singapore

Keith Leong

Martin Chee
General Manager, IBM ASEAN

Martin Chee is IBM ASEAN’s General Manager. He has direct responsibility for leading IBM in Singapore while also spearheading IBM’s growth in the ASEAN region.

Martin brings deep industry experience to lead IBM’s engagement and collaboration with clients and partners in their digital transformation efforts, through the adoption of IBM’s Open Hybrid Cloud and AI capabilities

Prior to this role, Martin was Vice President for IBM Analytics in the Asia Pacific region with responsibility for helping clients leverage emerging technologies to modernise and unlock the value of their data assets.

A senior leader with two decades of regional experience, Martin started his career with IBM Singapore in the software division in 2001. Throughout his career with IBM, Martin has held various leadership positions in services, software and enterprise sales in the Asia Pacific region.

Martin holds a Bachelor of Laws from the National University of Singapore and started his career as an Intellectual Property lawyer before his transition to the IT industry.

Martin Chee

Mike Dionisio

President, Questronix, Corporation, Philippines

Mike Dionisio oversees the different facets of operations and ensures corporate targets met while continuously finding ways to improve and transform the business. Michael leads and motivates the people to buy the vision and corporate direction of Questronix and have a stake in the success of the company’s short-term and long-term goals. A longtime advocate of digital transformation, Michael strives to help clients transform for the future.

Mike Dionisio

Mohd Muazzam Mohamed

Chief Executive Officer, Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad & BIMB Holdings Bhd., Malaysia

Muazzam is presently the Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) of Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (“Bank Islam”) and BIMB Holdings Berhad. At industry-level, he is presently a member of the Executive Committee and Council of the Association of Islamic Banking Institutions Malaysia (“AIBIM”) and the Chairman of Islamic Finance Committee of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (“MIA”). Muazzam joined Bank Islam in May 2015 as the Chief Financial Officer. He was a Partner of KPMG and Executive Director of KPMG’s Management Consulting practice, where he led numerous advisory projects in the public and private sectors. Muazzam graduated with a Bachelor of Accounting from International Islamic University Malaysia in 1997. He is a Chartered Accountant with Malaysian Institute of Accountants; a Council Member of The Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants; Chartered Islamic Finance Professional of Chartered Institute of Islamic Finance Professionals; and a Chartered Public Finance Accountant of Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy.

Mohd Muazzam Mohamed

Othman Abdullah

Chief Executive Officer, Islamic Banking at Silverlake Group

Othman Abdullah is the Chief Executive Officer, Islamic Banking at Silverlake Group, a global financial technology, and digital economy solutions provider. Othman is also a consultant for Silverlake Integrated Banking Solution and Silverlake Straight Through Banking Platform.

Qualified in both IT and Islamic finance and equipped with more than 2 decades of hands-on experience servicing the financial services industry, Othman has positioned himself as a financial technology thought leader in the space of Islamic financial services. Othman writes regularly in his ShariahTECH column in The Malaysian Reserve newspaper and contributes his articles and thoughts for other publications and television programs. Othman also speaks regularly on the subject at conferences and seminars.

Othman received the “Upcoming Personality Award” at the Global Islamic Finance Award (GIFA) 2017, has been appointed as a Malaysia Finance Accreditation Agency (FAA) Accreditation Panel Member, and is recognized as one of the 500 who makes Islamic Economy globally by ISLAMICA 500 2019 edition.

Othman Abdullah

Wahyudi Chandra

President Director, PT Multipolar Technology Tbk, Indonesia

Wahjudi Chandra




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