Simple and powerful user interface of IBM Event Streams

Award-winning user experience

IBM Event Streams has a simple-to-use yet powerful UI that puts you in control of your Kafka infrastructure.

IBM's award-winning UI contains a message browser, a key metrics dashboard and a toolbox of handy utilities, enabling you to administer and monitor your Kafka deployments.

User interface of schema registry function in IBM Event Streams

Schema registry

IBM Event Streams supports Apache Avro schemas, enabling your Kafka applications to use schemas to validate data structures and to encode and decode data. 

You can browse schemas and versions in the UI schema registry, which are also integrated with the message browser, meaning that you can view a formatted preview of message payloads.

User interface of enterprise connectors function in IBM Event Streams

Enterprise connectors

IBM Event Streams provides Kafka Connect source-and-sink connectors to common enterprise systems, such as IBM MQ. Many connectors created by the Apache community have been tested and verified with IBM Event Streams and are listed in the IBM product catalog. IBM Event Streams also offers direct integration to many IBM offerings, such as IBM Change Data Capture and IBM Streams.

In addition, IBM Event Streams on IBM Cloud™ is also tightly integrated with key IBM Cloud services, such as IBM Cloud Object Storage and IBM Watson® IoT™ Platform.

User interface of scalable REST API function in IBM Event Streams

Scalable REST API

For the widest possible connectivity, IBM Event Streams provides an enterprise-grade REST API.  

This is particularly useful for connecting to appliances and critical systems that don’t support a Kafka-native client. To send events from these environments, IBM Event Streams delivers a high-throughput, scalable HTTP REST API that integrates seamlessly onto your event backbone.

Platforms supported by IBM Event Streams

Supported platforms

IBM Event Streams can be deployed on the Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform on IBM Cloud or IBM Cloud Private Kubernetes environments that run on either a public cloud infrastructure or your own hardware (x86 or Linux on IBM Z®).

IBM Event Streams is a fully managed service, deployed and operated by IBM and available in many locations around the globe.

And that’s not all


Replicate data between IBM Event Streams deployments for confidence in a disaster-recovery situation

Kafka Connect framework

Provides access to a broad set of technology connectors


Connecting IBM Event Streams with existing monitoring tools, like Datadog and Splunk

Comparison Table

Comparison table
  IBM Event Streams on IBM Cloud IBM Event Streams
Deployment Fully managed service Certified for containers
Supported platforms IBM Cloud Red Hat OpenShift
Award-winning user experience
Zero-downtime upgrades
Scalable REST API
Enterprise connectors
Enterprise-grade security
Schema registry

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