Four proven ways to start automating your business

With IBM Cloud Paks for Automation, you don’t need to start your digital transformation from scratch. Pre-built workflows and AI bring automation to life in your business.

How to put the technology to work

Business processes

Screenshot of an IBM Automation platform dashboard showing e-commerce sales data charts and conversational instructions

Reduce process blockers

80% reduction in manual operations and 6x faster turnaround time²? Sure. Our business automation and robotic process automation (RPA) deliver results. 

IT operations

Screenshot of a Watson AIOps dashboard showing application activity and probable cause for an incident, with probable rankings and story details for a priority 1 story

Revolutionize IT operations

Incident resolution, hybrid app management, observability. No problem. Get 25% more initiatives completed at half the labor cost.³ Free SREs to spend time building new scalable and resilient systems. 


Screenshot of an IBM Automation platform dashboard for smart lead processing showing the integration of Salesforce and IBM Watson Natural Language Processing

Connect apps and data

App integration, API management, messaging and events. Move beyond looking for flaws to rally your talent and customers around business outcomes while reducing operational expenses by 6x.⁴

Network operations

Screenshot of an IBM Automation platform dashboard showing a rendering of networks being automated

Tune network performance

Empower business and network operations teams, improve customer experiences. Go beyond network operations to 6x customer response time.⁵

Key benefits across IBM Cloud Paks for Automation

Intelligence: not just if/then rules

Built-in explainable AI looks across all your events and data to discover patterns; accomplishes things at a scale that people couldn’t reasonably achieve alone; and supports your team as if its a colleague.

Automate IT and business

Use the same architecture for IT and business events — because they’re increasingly the same thing. Combine IT’s ability to process higher volumes in (near) real-time with the nuances of business.

One system, not one per team

Get all the essential intelligent automation capabilities in one solution so you can reuse investments across teams without time-consuming integrations.

Pre-integrated and pre-configured

Starting with open-source foundations, IBM Cloud Paks are packaged to work together, supported by common interfaces and management tools.

Certified containers ease maintenance

The containerized software complies with a rigorous certification process by IBM to ensure security, compliance, portability and version compatibility.

Flexible consumption module

Purchase only what you need, when you need it with  prescribed migration and expansion paths.

5,000+ global customers are seeing results

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Services and partners

Close the skills gap

Whether you want to collaboratively build an automation solution, or outsource it all, we offer expert services to support you. We also have partners to help you automate your operations.

Move forward with some help

Rapidly generate innovative ideas and make them real with the right practices, technologies and expertise. IBM Garage™ is an end-to-end model for accelerating digital transformation across your enterprise.

Move forward by letting us do it for you

Focus on innovation, keep existing resources in place and be an always-on organization by letting our experts provide full support in your transformation to AI-powered automation.

Move forward with industry partners

Best-in-class IBM technology meets deep industry expertise in our partner showcase. Partners bring our technology vision to clients, meet specific industry needs or use our capabilities to build novel client solutions.

Broad partner ecosystem

Rely on our partners’ deep industry knowledge to execute our shared vision for IBM Cloud Paks for Automation.

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