How automation software can help during COVID-19

Keep employees safe and productive with these no-code business user tools.

IBM Blueworks Live

Remotely collaborate to build and improve business processes using this simple tool. Because it’s in the cloud, there’s nothing to download. It’s accessible anywhere and provides a single location for all business processes to live.

IBM Automation Workstream Services

Quickly address operational gaps in remote work environments with simple, straightforward automations you can configure in minutes.

IBM Automation Solution Workshop

Virtually bring together your business and IT leaders with our automation experts to prioritize high-impact, quick-win automation projects. Half-day. No charge.


What is the automation software platform?

The IBM automation software platform is an essential and flexible set of pre-integrated software for designing, building and running intelligent automation services, applications and digital workers on any cloud, using low-code tools wherever possible.


ROI of the IBM automation software platform

Six-hundred seventy-five percent return on investment over a three-year benefit period and a payback on costs of less than six months.

IBM: A leader in digital process automation

“[IBM] has done some of the most pragmatic integration of IBM's Watson AI capabilities to drive process-specific business value.”




Embedded AI helps significantly improve worker productivity and engagement.

Low-code tooling

Business users can build and deploy automation applications and services with little IT support.

360° real-time visibility

Dashboards help you monitor and measure the human and automated work done across your operations.

Core capabilities

Flexible purchasing allows you to mix and match based on business requirements.