According to the Forrester report, organizations that scale AI are 7x more likely to be the fastest-growing businesses in their industry. However, to successfully scale AI throughout your organization, data complexity, talent scarcity and a lack of trust in AI systems must be overcome.


60% of organizations are challenged in managing data quality. Learn how Standard Bank of South Africa moved beyond data fragmentation and raised the quality measure from 6% to 98%.¹


62% of organizations are challenged to acquire talent to deliver AI capabilities. That’s why Lufthansa and IBM combined their expertise to rapidly scale AI.¹


65% of organizations need to develop a framework and approach for human review of AI decisions and actions. Discover how iKure and the IBM Data Science and AI Elite team came together to tackle bias and improve healthcare outcomes.¹

AI challenges

The AI Ladder™ is our prescriptive approach to help you accelerate your journey to AI.

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