AI at scale

According to IDC, 65% of all organizations will have accelerated the use of digital technologies by 2022.¹ These technologies help transform existing business processes to drive customer engagement, employee productivity and business resiliency.

Businesses like yours are under pressure to adapt by rapidly transforming the way you engage with customers, operate internally and interact with your partners. Do you have the data foundation to deploy AI at scale?


Implement a data-driven culture

Promote enterprise-wide best courses of action to deliver customer excellence even in bad times.

Reimagine technology delivery

Deploy AI through an open, hybrid cloud strategy to unlock the value of your data and build competitive advantage.

AI is essential

More than 85% of advanced adopters are reducing operating costs and attribute 10 - 12% of revenue gains to AI.

90% of companies have difficulty scaling AI across their enterprises. These proven approaches can help.

Use cases

Drive outcomes faster

overhead view of mechanic working on car engine

Drive outcomes faster

An open extensible data and AI solution that runs on any cloud helps modernize data management, DataOps, governance, analytics and AI.

Bring AI to your data

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Bring AI to your data

IBM Watson® is the only AI that runs anywhere to help organizations break the barriers to AI.

Run, maintain and scale AI

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Run, maintain and scale AI

Develop and deploy AI applications across teams led by deep industry and technical IBM expertise to help strengthen and speed your digital transformation.

Industry trends


Deliver personal and empathetic customer service attuned to an individual’s preferences.


AI helps optimize production processes and act to balance quality, cost and throughput.

Retail and consumer products

Use AI to transform the customer experience and delight at every touchpoint.

Engage an expert

Schedule a one-on-one no-cost consultation with experts who have worked with thousands of clients to build winning data, analytics and AI strategies.


¹ IDC, "IDC Reveals 2021 Worldwide Digital Transformation Predictions", October 2020. (link resides outside IBM)