Leave Oracle for PostgreSQL

Save significant costs by migrating from Oracle to open-source PostgreSQL


Why migrate from Oracle to IBM?

Bring all of your data together under a hybrid cloud infrastructure with self-service analytics and integrated governance. IBM provides one architecture for your AI initiatives.

Choose from two options. Take advantage of open source flexibility with Enterprise Database (EDB) and IBM. Or for those running SAP on Oracle, IBM® Db2® can offer a more cost-effective alternative.

IBM features

Migration option 1

Enterprise Database with IBM

Run applications on a security-rich, enterprise-class database, based on open source PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL offers a multimodel database management system that combines traditional relational capabilities with document and other NoSQL capabilities.

EDB Postgres Enterprise with IBM is an integrated SQL relational database solution that includes the EDB Postgres Advanced Server database, enterprise security and advanced performance. DBA and developer features enhance productivity.

It is compatible with major commercial databases, including Oracle. Read about 5 key considerations when moving Oracle workloads to cloud (PDF, 193 KB).

EDB with IBM use cases

New application development

DevOps, schema-less rapid development, and support for multiple programming languages

Application modernization

Multimodel flexibility and integration with popular data sources

Legacy migration

Compatible with Oracle so you can leverage existing DBA and developer skills

EDB with IBM features

Migration option 2

IBM Db2 Database

For those using SAP software on Oracle databases, IBM Db2 Database offers a cost-effective, highly reliable, high-performing option. Db2 Database delivers advanced data management and analytics capabilities for transactional workloads. By deploying Db2 Database for SAP software on IBM servers, you gain access to a range of powerful yet flexible features, functions and options. These include in-memory technology, advanced management and development tools, storage optimization, workload management, actionable compression and continuous data availability.

Benefits of running SAP on Db2 Database include:

  • Reduced operational costs and total cost of ownership. Enable cloud and hybrid strategies, and use a single platform for all SAP tiers.
  • Simplified development and improved reliability. Db2 is designed for ease of configuration and implementation.
  • Aligned release, maintenance and support cycles. Keep your current Db2 version as long as the SAP version is supported by SAP.


IBM and SAP have a history of collaboration to ensure ongoing optimization and interoperability between Db2 and SAP solutions. Db2 Database delivers a low-risk, mature and optimized platform for SAP Business Suite and SAP Business Warehouse workloads, releasing typically constrained IT investments for digital innovation.

Db2 features



Build an enterprise-ready, open, modern data architecture with IBM and EDB.

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