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Global Expertise

IBM Training reaches over 170 countries, working with highly qualified IBM Business Partners to provide advanced, authorised training.

Learning Journeys

Specially curated learning content helps you develop deeper skills in a given IBM technology or job role.


IBM Badging and Certification can drive your journey towards becoming an invaluable resource to your customers and colleagues.

Flexible Learning

Our learning catalog offers you the training you need, featuring on-demand courses in your preferred format.

IBM Technical Training Events

Join leading-edge thinkers plus technology and business experts at more than 30 events worldwide.


Not sure where to start? Take a learning journey, review thought leader recommendations, and explore industry resources.


Organisations can transform their business with data as part of a cognitive strategy. IBM Analytics uses powerful data to answer tough questions, uncover patterns, solve problems, and support breakthrough ideas.


With IBM Cloud, clients get the most advanced cognitive and data toolbox from Watson. This includes cognitive services built into our Bluemix catalogue, and new curated sources of non-traditional data from sources like Twitter and the Weather Company.


IBM Commerce gives business leaders market-leading solutions and deep industry and domain expertise for a more integrated customer experience across the entire commerce cycle.


IBM Mobile software and services drive enterprise mobility by offering the tools needed to connect, secure, manage, and develop mobile networks, infrastructures, and applications.


Security products and services can integrate portfolios to help detect and prevent advanced threats.


IBM Systems provide an IT infrastructure that maintains service quality and availability in a mission-critical environment.


IBM Watson is a technology platform that uses natural language processing and machine learning to draw insights from large amounts of unstructured data. Learn about cognitive computing, including how Watson interprets human language, makes decisions, and develops expertise.