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Power/AIX for Rookies

Build your skills on Power Systems in your journey. Send your early career IBM Power/AIX systems administrators to the new track Power/AIX for Rookies at upcoming IBM Systems Technical Universities.

This full track of face-to-face learning sessions helps your newer team members to get started and go deep on IBM Power with hands-on training delivered by IBM Technical Training Instructors. Look for the question while registering for TechU to signal your interest in the Power/AIX for Rookies.

Atlanta – IBM Systems TechU – April 29 – May 3.Register for Atlanta now!

Packed with a punch:

The Power/AIX for Rookies track offers half a day of focused, in-depth training sessions and labs delivered by IBM Distinguished Engineers, developers or product experts for Power/AIX beginners:

Key face-to-face topics

  • Part 1-Intro to Power Systems, LPAR basics and HMC
  • Part 2-PowerVM (VIOS) basics
  • Part 3-Systems Management Tool (SMIT) and AIX installation
  • Part 4-AIX Software installation and maintenance
  • Part 5-Systems configuration and introduction to the Logical Volume Manager
  • Part 6-AIX storage management
  • Part 7-Security and user administration
  • Part 8-TCP/IP configuration
  • Part 9-SAN storage and configuration on AIX
  • Part 10 -Understanding and managing AIX processes
  • Part 11-Understanding AIX user login and startup procedures and files
  • Part 12-Processor concepts for Power systems logical partitions

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