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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is a digital badge?
A digital badge is a portable online data object which represents an outcome or achievement. They are secure, web-enabled credentials that contain granular, verified information employers can use to evaluate an individual's potential. IBM digital badges are defined by an open technology standard (OBv2) and common language for describing and validating what each IBM digital credential represents.

2. How does my credential get displayed as a digital badge?
IBM has partnered with Credly to leverage their platform to translate your learning outcomes or experiences into the digital badges. This allows the badge earner (you) to accept, manage and share your digital badge and the credentials it represents as a digital asset.

3. What is Credly (formerly Acclaim)?
Credly is a digital badging platform (formerly known as Credly's Acclaim platform). Its focal point is an enterprise-class badging platform built in compliance with the IMS Global Learning Consortium Open Badge Specifications to support the specialized needs of credential issuers, employers, and professionals. The Credly web platform provides a secure means of storage, transport and credential publishing that adds a layer of protection against those who may falsely claim high-stakes credentials.

4. What is the relationship between IBM and Credly?
IBM has entered into a vendor relationship with Credly to implement a program for web-enabled credentials displayed as digital badges. Credly is the web site from which you claim (accept), store and transmit open badges related to your credentials and where those to whom you send your credentials verify the metadata contained within.

5. Is there a cost associated with claiming and displaying my IBM digital badge?
Accepting, storing, managing and sharing IBM digital badges is free for IBM digital badge earners.

6. Where can I find more information about Credly?
Visit the Credly support web site at for additional details.

Accepting and Claiming Badges

1. Once I have qualified to earn a badge, do I need to request the badge, or will it be automatically sent to me?
Most badges are issued automatically by the badge issuer responsible for the activity that includes a digital badge credential. Some badges are issued almost immediately after completion of the badge activities, while others may take 1-2 weeks before they are issued. In a few cases, you may be required to complete a form to request the badge. Once issued, you will receive a notification email from with instructions for claiming the badge.

2. What is the process for claiming my IBM Digital Badge?
Upon clicking the 'Accept' link in the email sent by Credly (, you will be taken to the Credly web site. There you will create an account in a matter of minutes that will allow you to claim the badge IBM has issued to you. Once you have accepted the badge, you will have the ability to easily share with social sites and send emails announcing your achievement.

Badge Management

1. How do I access the labor market insights information available in badges issued through the Credly platform?
Labor market insights are accessible by clicking on any of the skill keywords shown in the badge you earn. These skill keywords will lead to information about which employers are hiring, available job occupations, salary data, and more. Job listings can be searched directly from your badge, including the ability to apply for the opportunity. Access the labor market insights from your badge details page by clicking on Related Jobs or by clicking on the skill tags assigned to your badge.

2. What if I do not want my IBM digital badge to be public?
You are in total control of how and when your IBM digital badge is shared. All information regarding you and your credentials can be configured within the profile you set up in the Credly system. If you do not want your digital badge or your profile to be visible to the public, you can make them private. In fact, you may simply discard the digital badge notification email if you do not wish to participate in the IBM digital badge program.

3. How do I prevent someone from copying and using my IBM digital badge?
While digital badges are simply digital image files, they are uniquely linked to data hosted on the Credly platform along with the issuing details provided by IBM. This linkage to the verified data makes them that much more reliable and secure than a traditional paper-based credential.

4. Can I export badges issued through Credly to other digital badging platforms?
Yes. Your downloaded badge contains Open Badge Specification-compliant metadata embedded into the image. This allows you to store your badge on other OBS-compliant badge sites, such as the Mozilla backpack.

5. Can I import badges issued from other platforms into Credly?
Not at this time. Cross-platform sharing of digital badges is evolving within the industry, so check back in the future for potential updates on this capability.


1. Will my personal information (PI) shared with Credly?
NOTICE: IBM leverages the services of Credly, a 3rd party data processor authorized by IBM and located in the United States, to assist in the administration of the IBM Digital Badge program. In order to issue you an IBM Digital Badge, your personal information (name, email address, and badge earned) will be shared with Credly. You will receive an email notification from Credly with instructions for claiming the badge. Your personal information is used to issue your badge and for program reporting and operational purposes. It will be handled in a manner consistent with IBM privacy practices. The IBM Privacy Statement can be viewed here: IBM employees can view the IBM Internal Privacy Statement here:


Status of an IBM digital issued by IBM: Contact the badge issuer by searching for the badge and then click on the 'View additional information' link for support contact details.

Status of an IBM digital badge issued by one of IBM's Global Training Providers: Contact Provider directly.

Credly web site: Credly Support.