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AI/Cognitive Systems track

AI/Cognitive solutions are set to transform the world in dramatic ways. At TechU, you can leverage the experts to go deep on AI on IBM Power Systems. IBM experts will share their deep technical expertise in applied AI, model tuning, GPUs and distributed systems, workload provisioning and management. You’ll find concepts of AI, machine learning and deep learning along with industry use cases, best practices, development frameworks and industry tools.

Packed with a punch:

TechU offers focused, in-depth technical training sessions and labs delivered by IBM Distinguished Engineers, developers and product experts.

We will offer topics such as:

  • Pre Conference Cognitive Basics
  • Infrastructure basics
  • IBM One AI Overview
  • Watson Machine Learning
  • Leverage the capabilities of POWER9 for AI
  • Deploy a fully optimized AI platform with IBM PowerAI
  • Collaborate on AI projects with the IBM Data Science Experience
  • H2O Driverless AI
  • Integrate and manage your AI, Spark and Hadoop big data workloads
  • Use medical image classification with Machine Learning technology
  • Leverage a high performance file system with IBM Spectrum Scale
  • Optimize distributed learning models with IBM Deep Impact
  • PowerAI Vision & IVA

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