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New for You: Get Three for Two!
IBM Systems Education Voucher Specials for IBM Business Partners

As we continue to deal with the COVID-19 Coronavirus around the globe, IBM Systems Lab Services is making available new options for IBM Business Partners to leverage their education vouchers. During April and May, we will offer "Three for Two" specials for live virtual classes, self-paced virtual classes (SPVCs) and hands-on remote labs. All three of these delivery methods allow you to obtain valuable training safely, remotely and at a reduced cost. Refer to the sections below for details about each of the "Three for Two" special offers.

As many of you know, the COVID-19 Coronavirus has impacted many IBM events that were scheduled in the first half of 2020. Be sure to review the latest Think 2020 information below as well as the modified schedule for TechU events.

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Brought to you from IBM: Live Virtual Classes

Check the Systems Technical Training (STT) schedule to choose from numerous live virtual classes. Our classes are designed for IBM internal training and delivered by IBM subject matter experts, and we are pleased to offer our Business Partners the opportunity to enroll in these classes as well. Seats are limited and open based on availability.

Three for Two Specials:

  • Live Virtual – We are pleased to offer a special promotion where two Business Partner employees from the same company can enroll for a scheduled class using two of their education vouchers and a third employee can also attend the same class for free!
  • Self-Paced - For those who prefer to learn at their own pace, Business Partner employees from the same company can choose any three SPVCs and use only two of their education vouchers!
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Three for Two Special: Hands-On Remote Labs

The IBM Remote Lab Platform (IRLP) provides hands-on labs specifically designed to assist learners with a series of tasks required to develop new skills. This offering includes the course materials, lab guides and systems to perform the labs.

The IRLP team is pleased to announce a special deal for Business Partners in April and May. If you book the IRLP for a time slot in April or May, you'll have access to the lab for three days instead of the typical two. Each lab booking requires only one IBM Systems education class voucher for the three-day period. Choose your "hands-on" course offering on the attached Business Partner Registration form and learn by doing today!

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IBM TechU Events Schedule Updates and NEW IBM TechU Talks

The health of IBM's clients, employees and partners is our primary concern. In light of the global precautions for the COVID-19 Coronavirus, and building upon the recommendations from the World Health Organization, IBM Systems has decided to postpone all TechU conferences currently scheduled through June 2020. Please take note of the schedule changes below and visit the Technical Events website for the most recent updates and registration information.

  • 2-3 July | Tokyo, Japan, Featuring IBM Power Systems, IBM Storage and IBM Z.
  • Rescheduled to July 15-16 | Buenos Aires, Argentina, Featuring IBM Power Systems, IBM Storage, and IBM Z.
  • Dubai, UAE, Featuring IBM Power Systems and IBM Storage. Rescheduled, new date coming soon.
  • Orlando, Florida, Featuring IBM Power Systems, IBM Storage, and IBM Z. This event has merged with the Atlantic City, New Jersey event in October.
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Featuring IBM Storage and IBM Z. This event has merged with the Dusseldorf, Germany event in October.
  • Florianopolis, Brazil. This event is being rescheduled. New date coming soon.

You can still grow your skills via IBM TechU Talks, free weekly technical training webcasts on hot topics from the spring TechU conferences. There are 36 webcasts in all, each led by in-demand TechU conference speakers. TechU Talks run April 7-July 2. Get the details and enroll today at www.ibm.com/training/events/techutalks

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Think Digital Event Experience

Join us. Let’s get thinking...
IBM Think Digital is a highly concentrated 2-day collaboration May 5-6, targeted at accelerating essential recovery and transformation and providing the deep technical education for our clients and Business Partners. Gain the insights you need now, from anywhere in the world. Discover and adapt to new ways of working with the unprecedented challenges posed by COVID-19 and build the skills you need with access to interactive, deep-dive sessions and labs.

Register for the Think 2020 digital event experience.

Note: If you registered for Think 2020 with a 2019 or 2020 voucher, you have been automatically registered for IBM Think Digital, a free virtual event. In addition, vouchers have been reinstated for those Business Partners who registered with a 2020 voucher. However, 2019 vouchers have not been reinstated because they expired on December 31, 2019.

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Check out our Global Training Provider (GTP) offerings!

IBM's Global Training Providers offer a multitude of education offerings and services around the world. Visit the IBM Systems Education Voucher website to see which GTPs are accepting vouchers in your region and country.

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Voucher essentials

Voucher Discounts
As a reminder, your 2020 PGI class vouchers offer an 80% discount and Server/Storage Systems Competency class vouchers provide a 100% discount.

Terms and Conditions for IBM Systems Vouchers
Business Partners must adhere to the voucher terms and conditions they received when the vouchers were issued. IBM Education vouchers may only be used by an employee of the company to which they were issued. Business Partners may not transfer vouchers to customers or to another Business Partner company.

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IBM Business Partner Voucher Registration Form

Note: As an added bonus, Business Partners who use Partner Growth Incentive (PGI) vouchers for one of these options will receive a 100% discount as opposed to the normal 80% discount.


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