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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the IBM Digital Learning Subscription (DLS)?

IBM Digital Learning Subscription is a SaaS-based education offering that gives subscribers access to IBM digital learning courses for a 12-month period. Subscribers have access to 150+ highly-rated IBM digital courses created by expert IBM lab teams. IBM offers two types of subscriptions: Individual and Enterprise.

An individual subscription is for a single user. Subscribers can select up to 6 self-paced courses with labs (SPVCs) and 3 web-based training courses (WBTs).

Enterprise learning subscriptions are for multiple users. Up to 30 digital enrollments total, 30 (SPVCs, WBTs), up to 30 users. Subscriptions are available for Cloud and for Data & AI specialty areas.

2. Why subscribe to DLS?

You want to accelerate your organization's digital transformation initiative. With each new Cloud, Data and AI investment, you need training today and access to training in the months ahead. Technology changes so rapidly. Everyone is time constrained. You need a flexible training approach that covers the breadth of IBM Cloud, Data and AI solutions, and gives you the ability to take the training throughout the year as you need it.

Build your Cloud, Data and AI expertise through digital learning subscriptions based on your goals, schedule, budget.

The IBM Digital Learning Subscription is personalized, flexible and cost-efficient.

  • Personalized: Build your expertise. Choose the IBM digital courses that map to your learning journey, skills destination, and desired role.
  • Flexible: Move at your pace. Take courses throughout the subscription period.
  • Cost-Efficient: Pay one price for 12-month subscription. Realize built-in savings - as much as 70% - as compared to individual course purchases.

Train the team with an enterprise, multi-user edition. Or opt to build your skills with an individual edition.

3. Which type of courses are available in DLS?

You can select from 150+ highly-rated IBM digital courses and gain extensive hands-on lab learning experiences. Browse the IBM Cloud Digital Learning Subscription catalog. Find out what’s inside the IBM Data & AI Digital Learning Subscription catalog.

4. Can multiple students use a subscription?

The IBM Digital Learning Subscription, Individual edition is not transferrable – one student, one subscription. The IBM Digital Learning Subscription, Enterprise edition is a multi-user subscription and can be used by more than one student. In fact, up to 30 users.

5. The Enterprise Digital Learning subscription includes up to 30 enrollments. What is an enrollment?

A single user enrolling in a single digital course is considered one enrollment.

6. Where can I find more information about Digital Learning Subscription?

Learn more about the Digital Learning Subscription on the IBM Skills Gateway.


New Subscribers, Billing or other questions about this offering, please send an email: .

Current Subscribers, if you experience a technical issue while taking a course or have a problem accessing a course, please open a self-service ticket via our IBM Training and Skills Service Portal.