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IBM XL Fortran for AIX is a standards-based, high-performance Fortran compiler with advanced optimization and performance-tuning features. It enables the development of parallel applications that exploit the IBM POWER processor multi-core and vector features. XL Fortran for AIX optimizes your infrastructure on IBM Power Systems, supporting extensive numerical, scientific and high-performance computing.

Optimization and tuning

Automatic parallelization of sequential programs; supports SIMD instruction sets; supports OpenMP Version 3.1 and partial support for OpenMP 4.0; supports profile-driven optimization.

Highly tuned libraries

Includes Mathematical Acceleration Subsystem, Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms and shared memory parallelization.

Profile-driven optimization

Collects information run with typical input data and applies transformations to the program based on that information, optimizes performance for important inputs and minimizes manual tuning.