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IBM XL C for AIX is a compiler that facilitates the creation and maintenance of applications written in C for IBM Power Systems. XL C for AIX supports vector and parallel programming for multiprocessor systems, while maintaining full binary compatibility with existing single processor systems. This compiler complies with the C99 and a subset of C11 programming language standards, providing support for code portability between multiple operating systems and hardware platforms.

Optimize performance

Capitalize on the POWER8 architecture and automatic parallelization, and use profile directed feedback to help optimize performance.

Highly tuned libraries

Includes Mathematical Acceleration Subsystem, Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms and shared memory parallelization.

Meet ISO C99

Also supports a subset of C11 programming language standards; OpenMP 3.1 and partial support for OpenMP 4.0; vector multimedia extension (VMX) and vector scalar extension (VSX).