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IBM at Wimbledon 2021

IBM and Wimbledon are delivering a world-class digital experience to millions of tennis fans

  1. See how they did it (1:00)
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Keeping The Championships secure

Arial view of Wimbledon center court

Protecting Wimbledon from cyber attacks

Martin Borrett, CTO IBM Security, explains how

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TalkTalk’s responsiveness to threats

Learn about one telco's evolving security operations

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Securing Dairygold

How Ireland's largest farmer-owned dairy company protects its network environment

Behind the scenes

So much of the IBM technology operating behind the scenes at Wimbledon helps to deliver the experience fans know and love – from collecting and analysing 4.5 million tennis data points each year, to scaling up 55,000% to meet The Championships’ demand with IBM Cloud, through to the digital experience of and the app.

Learn more about the IBM technologies that power Wimbledon (00:42)
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Why is cloud essential?

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How much data does Wimbledon create?

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Why does Wimbledon need data scientists?

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How does AI identify match highlights?

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How does IBM help players perform?

Bringing hybrid cloud to businesses everywhere

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Returning to serve customers

Learnings retailers can take from Wimbledon

Coca cola bottles

Coca-Cola European Partners

Modernising applications for Coca-Cola European Partners

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Natwest Bank

Digital transformation for mortgages

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Introducing IBM Power Rankings with Watson

IBM Power Rankings are an AI-powered analysis of player performance. The Tennis Tour ranking systems use 52-weeks of historical data to quantify player performance. To complement these, Power Rankings focus on a player’s most recent history, combining advanced statistical analysis, the natural language processing of IBM Watson®, and the power of the IBM Cloud® to analyse daily performance data, mine media commentary, measure player momentum, and direct the attention of fans to the most compelling matchups.

a list of Wimbledon player rankings

Delivering player-level insights with Watson and IBM Cloud

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IBM Pre-Match Insights with Watson

Pre-Match Insights with Watson are AI-generated fact sheets that help fans quickly get up to speed on every singles match at Wimbledon. They use advanced AI and the IBM Cloud to mine the most recent player statistics and media commentary for insight, sharing relevant quotes from various media sources, and constructing a natural language summary of key performance metrics, getting fans closer to the players and game they love.

Learn more about Watson Natural Language Understanding
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The world is going hybrid with IBM™

Real-time insights from advanced AI solutions like the IBM Power Rankings and Pre-Match Insights with Watson are made possible by Wimbledon’s hybrid cloud environment. IBM’s hybrid cloud solutions seamlessly unify all of your infrastructure – from the data center to the edge – allowing organisations to modernise without rebuilding, and accelerating their pace of innovation.

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