A quantum of possibilities:
The business advantages of taking the quantum leap

The pace of technological innovation in computing has been astonishing, triggering an equally stunning rise in the volume and complexity of challenges that test the limits of today’s computers. But the parade of innovations that have produced ever-faster and more powerful computer chips is in danger of falling behind.

Quantum computers will open not only a higher processing speed but also applications that we never thought of before.

Ray Laflamme, Executive Director of the Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo

Quantum computers promise exponentially more speed and power than what is attainable by traditional computers today, and they have the potential to impact problems on a global scale. The possibilities of solving what is unsolvable today are significant for businesses and for the planet. Explore the study to learn more.

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Inside Quantum Minds

Impact on applications and industries.

Impact on applications and industries.

What is quantum computing?

By harnessing quantum super-positioning to represent multiple states simultaneously, quantum-based computers promise exponential leaps in performance over today’s traditional computers.

Some of the advantages are obvious: speed to handle process-intensive workloads and the power to scale out depending on business need. But the real differentiator is that these benefits compound quantum's true strength--an entirely new way to tackle problems. Virtually any area where computing speed and power are critical – from pharmaceutical and financial services to travel and transportation – could benefit from the quantum advantage.

Inside quantum minds

What’s on the mind of some the top quantum computing experts today?

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