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The Evolution of Education

Having conducted research into the evolution of education, IBM has a clear vision for the future of digital learning.

Now we'd love to know how you see education evolving. So we've devised a short quiz with 8 questions which should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. When you're done, you'll be able to download and read our insightful white paper for more information. The quiz is completely anonymous and answers will only be used for further insight. It would help our analysis if you could tell us your role.

Whether you are an educator, a manager or a student, this interactive quiz will set you on the right path to digital education excellence.

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Here and now

Today, education uses a rapidly growing number of digital services…

How do you think digital services will transform education?

Select one of the following statements

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“Digital is so obviously the way to go. Traditional methods lack rigour and the ability to tailor learning to specific needs. Every child will learn at a different pace and currently we can’t support each child.”

UK primary school

Engagement is critical for successfully delivering education to today’s digital natives. What do you think are the key elements of better engagement?

Tap all that apply


“Students love digital tools. From feedback surveys, almost 50% like it very much and nearly 20% really like it and 75% feel it prepares them for work in the digital 21st century.”

South African university

Welcome to the Cognitive Era

The lives of students and educators will be improved by cognitive systems…

But what does the term ‘cognitive’ mean in this context?

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“Deeply immersive interactive experiences with intelligent tutoring systems can transform how we learn.”

Satya Nitta – Director, IBM Cognitive Sciences and Education Technology

How do you think cognitive systems will impact the role of educators?

Cognitive systems are only as good as the data they have access to

The education experience will be improved when data can accompany students throughout their lifelong learning journey. It’s time to learn valuable lessons from the healthcare sector...

"If 50 percent of the patients died who entered a hospital, they would close the hospital."*
But what would happen to your local school if 50% of kids dropped out and became unemployable?

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What do you think about having a digital education record for every person?

1. It will be too difficult to implement

5. It’s a great idea that we must implement


“While the promise of data-driven decision making is at the heart of enabling personalised education, it is vital that we distinguish the narrow uses of personal data from the broader uses for anonymised data. Being clear about this will lay the foundations for all the benefits that cognitive systems can bring.”

Katharine Frase – Vice President, IBM Watson Education Business Development

What benefits do you predict from having a digital education record?

Choose all that apply


Fast Forward 40 Years

The world of work and education in 40 years will be a reality for students entering the job market today...

But what role will technology play in the workplace in 40 years time?

98% of millennial interns see a need to keep learning throughout their working lives

What do you think the classroom of the future will look like?

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Now you’ve covered some of the key themes in the evolution of digital education, you can gain a deeper insight by reading our white paper:

Personalised education

From curriculum to career with cognitive systems.