Searching for competitive advantage?
It’s in hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud enables digital transformation

Benefits of hybrid cloud, like cost efficiency and productivity gains, have been clear for quite some time, but organizations need to start thinking of their hybrid environments as a way to gain competitive advantage.
Hybrid is here, and it is here to stay. So, understanding how to make the most of your hybrid cloud is more important than ever.
Gaining real value from hybrid cloud isn’t necessarily easy, but getting it right can lead to great payoffs.

Through our study, we identified leading organizations that are managing their hybrid environment in an integrated, comprehensive fashion for high visibility and control. For these leaders, hybrid cloud is more than just a state of being; it is a springboard to next-generation initiatives like Internet of Things and cognitive computing.

The best thing about having a hybrid environment is that all of our business plans become reality in one environment.

-IT Director, Consumer Products

Leading organizations are hooked on hybrid cloud…

And your organization should be, too.

Leading organizations use hybrid to power their digital transformation and as a springboard to next-generation initiatives such as cognitive computing and Internet of Things.

Leading organizations are 2x more likely to be expanding into new markets with hybrid cloud

Leading organizations are 5x more likely to be using hybrid cloud for cognitive computing initiatives

9 in 10 leading organizations say hybrid cloud has higher roi than either all-traditional or all-cloud enviroments

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