Technology insights

In a world overflowing with data, there’s a lot to be discovered. At IBM, we aim to do our part to help you understand it. We do the research necessary to uncover new ways of thinking, working and leading through research and analytics.

Discovering insights, however, is only step one. The real value comes in applying them. That’s why these studies focus on how leaders can deliver better results.

Hybrid cloud drives competitive advantage

How leading organizations use hybrid cloud to enable digital transformation and next-gen initiatives.

Masters of disaster recovery

How do the masters of business continuity anticipate, prepare for and prevent disruptions?

Benefits of quantum computing

The possibility of solving what is unsolvable today is significant for businesses and for the planet.

Practical lessons for data science teams

Learn how top data science teams are making a positive impact on their organizations.

Mastering mobile development projects

Only one-third of mobile development projects deliver - what is the secret to their success?

Digital disruption hits auto industry

Digital services centered on empowered consumers will bring disruption to the industry.

Stories from data leaders

The titles are many: CDO, CAO, Data Scientist; but what sets data leaders apart is their approach to common challenges.