Can Leatherhead FC raise their game?

Leatherhead FC are a grass roots football club and with the use of AI have the opportunity to raise their game.


IBM and Wimbledon

In 2019, IBM celebrate 30 years of partnership and technological innovation with the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet club.


Welcome to the Future of Rugby

For the RFU transformation is at the heart of their strategy.

Let’s expect more from technology across industries



IBM is the official supplier of Information Technology and consultant to the All England Club and Championships, Wimbledon and strategic partner to the RFU, England Rugby.

By analysing real-time and historical data points, tapping the power of predictive analytics and combining this with breakthrough technology, you can understand, reason and learn what it takes to pursue greatness within a sporting arena.


Agriculture for smarter business

The age of smart agriculture is here, so timely since the world’s population is estimated to outpace what the food supply can support. This means producing more food than the industry has grown over the last 8,000 years with the same amount of arable land.

Enter IBM Watson®, which analyses data like temperature, soil pH and other agricultural environmental factors collected from satellites and IoT sensors. This gives farmers insights that can help them make more informed decisions — and harvest the yields everyone needs.


Aviation for smarter business

The age of AI-powered aviation is here, helping airlines make flights smoother, customers happier and operations and employees more agile. It’s “all systems go” from digital ticketing to landing.

In an industry fueled by data, technology such as AI, cloud, IoT and blockchain can empower maintenance personnel to identify problems faster and with more confidence. This information helps airlines to accelerate operational performance and enhance passenger services and loyalty.


Automotive for smarter business

As drivers and passengers demand more comfort and guidance, automakers can set new standards for intelligent vehicles. Digital technology provides a customer-first approach through a seamless system of interconnected services that map, guide, assist and more.

IBM Watson® technologies and IoT sensors make this new era of connection possible. New driver experiences can help shape future vehicles, such as natural language conversations and weather and location data.


Transforming the banking industry with IBM Blockchain and AI.

Technology is making things work better, quicker and smarter, revolutionising how business is being done. IBM is revolutionising global trade, changing the movement of goods, documents and funds by lowering costs and reducing risks while offering greater transparency and trust.



Most industries are disrupted by people. Utilities is disrupted by forces of nature.

The utility industry is working with IBM to use weather and other data to better help anticipate natural occurrences before they happen, and to identify strategies to mitigate damage and avoid blackouts.

We cannot control the weather, but we can work to harness it.


Environment for smarter business

The age of smart environmental practices is here, with corporations and citizens working together toward a cleaner, more sustainable future. But it takes more than a global village. AI, IoT and other technologies can help protect both people and the planet.

In an aggressive effort to save endangered species, IBM Watson IoT™ is helping combat rampant rhinoceros poaching in South Africa. Rangers are placing sensors on zebras and impalas — who run when threats are near — to help locate and capture poachers.

Freight and logistics

Freight and logistics for smarter business

Consumers today expect fast, secure deliveries, but paper-based processes can burden the shipping industry. By removing inefficient practices, the supply chain can move faster, can be more trustworthy and can be more efficient.

IBM is working with transportation companies around the world to use blockchain solutions to give greater visibility into millions of container journeys each year. This helps accelerate the shipping process by eliminating paper documents.


Government for smarter business

Government leaders want to improve the lives of their citizens. Citizens want their interactions to be seamless, trustworthy and timely. Enter the digital transformation model from IBM, which helps unifies disparate systems and data streams through IoT, AI, blockchain and advanced analytics.


IBM is working with Stop The Traffik (STT), a UK founded not for profit organisation set up to prevent human trafficking globally. Using an intelligence-led approach STT, with IBM, can analyse human trafficking trends and hotspots and use this information to target awareness programmes that ultimately help disrupt human trafficking.

Healthcare for smarter business

Today’s decisions deserve tomorrow’s insights. IBM Watson Health™ has impacted over 15,000 clients and partners, 80,000 professionals and 185,000 patients and consumers around the world with its AI.

IBM combines resources and technologies to help address the challenges of a changing industry. By doing so, IBM is creating the path from today to the future that healthcare organizations need to fully realise potential opportunities and maximise ROI.


Insurance for smarter business

The age of smart insurance is here, with blockchain, AI and cloud opening new pathways to innovate, compete and profit. Transformative thinking that’s data-driven embraces modernisation and digital customer engagement to help address risk management and compliance issues.

For one global insurance provider, smart insurance means optimising the customer experience through AI. Intelligent chatbots handle commonly asked questions, helping to reduce call volume while freeing up sales agents to do what they do best — create relationships and sell.


Manufacturing for smarter business

With digital transformation disrupting traditional manufacturing processes, AI, IoT and the cloud will serve as the core foundational technologies critical for optimal plant floor operability, supply chain agility and ecosystem profitability.

Manufacturers are turning to IBM Watson to forecast and address, in real time, the bottom-line impact inclement weather has on raw material delivery and how to anticipate and address equipment failures to help minimise productivity and production losses.

Oil and gas

Oil and gas for smarter business

Oil and data are two of the world’s most valuable resources; their futures are intertwined. Oil and gas companies are working with IBM to better understand the complex systems and equipment used in exploration and production.

IBM Watson® AI solutions use data from IoT sensors, millions of files, decision logs and evaluations from around the world. This information helps engineers make more informed operational decisions to help avoid equipment problems.


Plastic Bank

What happens when you apply technology in new ways? Plastic Bank uses IBM Blockchain technology — tackling ocean plastic and global poverty with blockchain-based digital credits.


Retail for smarter business

We care more than ever about the provenance and safety of what we eat, and blockchain technology can feed us the facts we need.

Our food supply chain now is more distributed, more international and more complex than at any point in history. The supply chain has become more convoluted and harder to trace and the risks associated with its malfunction or abuse have increased.

IBM Blockchain is making the world’s food supply chain safer, more efficient and more sustainable. Through IBM Food Trust, we can improve food for all, giving consumers trust and transparency into their food, removing safety concerns.

IBM Food Trust - The Power of Provenance

Telecom and media

Telecom and media for smarter business

Digital transformation is upending telecommunications and media companies as new competitive, consumer and technological forces are changing the overall mission. Traditional thinking requires a reimagining that is business smart and future-proof.

Communications service providers and media companies are meeting these forces head-on through advanced technologies such as IoT, blockchain, cloud and AI. These solutions can be utilised to help enable the transformation of networks, personalised customer experiences and more informed operational decision-making.

IBM Developer

Built and maintained by our developers, the IBM Developer community includes tools that can help you build more efficiently, reduce time to production and share your expertise with other developers. Let's put smart to work.

IBM Developer

Built and maintained by our developers, the IBM Developer community includes tools that can help you build more efficiently, reduce time to production and share your expertise with other developers. Let's put smart to work.

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