Everything starts with soil

IBM is helping the agriculture industry make faster, smarter decisions.

Meet the Problem Solvers

Meet the Problem Solvers

At IBM, problems inspire us to mend things. Bend things. To make things better. They dare us to solve the unsolvable. That’s why so many industry experts work with us. They’re working with blockchain on the IBM Cloud to help reduce food waste, using IBM Cloud to help patients recover faster, and IBM Watson to make cities more accessible.

At IBM, problems inspire us to mend things. Bend things. To make things better. They dare us to solve the unsolvable. That’s why so many industry experts work with us. They’re working with blockchain on the IBM Cloud to help reduce food waste, using IBM Cloud to help patients recover faster, and IBM Watson to make cities more accessible.

play button Zach Barnes

Zach Barnes, Dole® Farm Manager

As a Dole® farm manager in the Salinas Valley, the “Salad Bowl of the World,” Zach Barnes knows food recalls can lead to unaffected produce getting tossed. It’s why Dole uses Blockchain on the IBM Cloud to safely trace food from farm to fork—so perfectly good food doesn’t go to waste.

play button Joy Smith

Joy Smith, RN, Case Manager, Montefiore

Caregivers are using the IBM Cloud to run analytics tools that help better predict and plan a patient’s recovery.

Chieko Asakawa, IBM Researcher

After IBMer Chieko Asakawa lost her sight at 14, she spent her life developing technology to help the visually impaired navigate the world—including a guide that uses IBM Watson, already working in cities like Tokyo.

Problems solved across industries


Agriculture for smarter business

Today, the business of agriculture is more difficult than ever. New problems and disruptions are creating numerous challenges. Global population expansion over the next 40 years will require the agricultural industry to produce more food on the same amount of arable land. Today, IBM is helping overcome these challenges. With IBM PAIRS Geoscope and IBM Watson Decision Platform for Agriculture, IBM has brought together the experience of veteran industry leaders, decades of IBM research, AI, analytics, and predictive insight with unique agricultural IoT data.
With technology, we can ensure that our soil resource will serve future generations.


Aviation for smarter business

The age of AI-powered aviation is here, helping airlines make flights smoother, customers happier and operations and employees more agile. It’s “all systems go” from digital ticketing to landing.

In an industry fueled by data, technology such as AI, cloud, IoT and blockchain can empower maintenance personnel to identify problems faster and with more confidence. This information helps airlines to accelerate operational performance and enhance passenger services and loyalty.

Weather data helps pilots

The Weather Company offers solutions to help deliver real-time turbulence report to pilots. So they can avoid specific weather patterns, like lightning storms.

There are an estimated 2,000 active electric storms around the globe at any one time. Advance warnings cerate shorter flights and can help reduce the risk of personal injury and asset damage, saving airlines upto $100M in damages a year.

Thanks to The Weather Company solutions, flights can avoid turbulence.


Automotive for smarter business

The age of the intelligent vehicle is here. It's now possible for automakers to create immersive, connected experiences for drivers and passengers.

For example, autonomous vehicles combine Watson technologies—such as natural spoken language with location and weather data collected by IoT sensors—to get passengers safely to their desired destinations, provide recommendations for places to visit and answer questions about their surroundings.

IBM Watson Assitant in cars


Banking for smarter business

The age of smart banking is here, with customers dictating how, when and where they bank. To keep up with ever-changing customer needs, regulatory demands and competitive threats, it will take more — more AI, blockchain, cybersecurity — and a whole lot of cloud.

Welcome to the digitally disrupted world of banking where data insights require rapid adoption of advanced technologies. For one IBM banking client, this means a virtual agent that can heighten the customer experience while reducing wait time and costs.

IBM Security helps protect data

AI helps spot financial crimes before they happen. Every day, IBM Security monitors 70 billion security events. If attacks aren’t stopped cybercrime will cost businesses over $6 trillion in 2021.

Working with Watson, security teams can analyze information 50 percent faster, allowing them to prioritize and respond to threats in minutes versus hours or days. That helps keep critical data safe, and customers happy.


Utilities for smarter business

Utilities deal with disruption daily, if not hourly, whether it’s marketplace challenges such as smarter grids or new technologies (e.g., blockchain, AI) or just the all-consuming forces of nature that can impact profitability, performance and peoples’ lives.

For example, while energy and utility companies can’t control the weather, they can harness data connected to it through IBM Watson® AI and IoT sensors, which are designed to help anticipate and mitigate catastrophic events that often cost millions of dollars in downtime.

We cannot control the weather, but we can work to harness it.


Environment for smarter business

The age of smart environmental practices is here, with corporations and citizens working together toward a cleaner, more sustainable future. But it takes more than a global village. AI, IoT and other technologies can help protect both people and the planet.

In an aggressive effort to save endangered species, IBM Watson IoT™ is helping combat rampant rhinoceros poaching in South Africa. Rangers are placing sensors on zebras and impalas — who run when threats are near — to help locate and capture poachers.

IBM Research and Recycling

When plastic gets a new life, so does the ocean.

Every year, 8 million metric tons of plastic are dumped in the ocean. To help put a stop to it, IBM Research is developing a new chemical process, that breaks down colored and clear plastics, dirty and clean containers, and even polyester fabrics.

This will allow for a new system of recycling, that turns old plastic into new plastic. And best of all keeps it out of the ocean.

Freight and logistics

Freight and logistics for smarter business

Consumers today expect fast, secure deliveries, but paper-based processes can burden the shipping industry. By removing inefficient practices, the supply chain can move faster, can be more trustworthy and can be more efficient.

IBM is working with transportation companies around the world to use blockchain solutions to give greater visibility into millions of container journeys each year. This helps accelerate the shipping process by eliminating paper documents.


Government for smarter business

Government leaders want to improve the lives of their citizens. Citizens want their interactions to be seamless, trustworthy and timely. Enter the digital transformation model from IBM, which helps unifies disparate systems and data streams through IoT, AI, blockchain and advanced analytics.

To help address potential threats, IBM offers cognitive security solutions such as BigFix® and QRadar®, which seamlessly combine real-time visibility and control across multiple endpoints to help identify, track and mitigate threats and keep essential data uncompromised.


Healthcare for smarter business

Today’s decisions deserve tomorrow’s insights. IBM Watson Health™ has impacted over 15,000 clients and partners, 80,000 professionals and 185,000 patients and consumers around the world with its AI.

IBM combines resources and technologies to help address the challenges of a changing industry. By doing so, IBM is creating the path from today to the future that healthcare organizations need to fully realize potential opportunities and maximize ROI.

Weather data helps first responders

Better information. Faster decisions. Quicker help.

First responders are heros when natural disasters strike.But image if they had data that allowed them to make earlier, safer decisions.

IBM Watson and The Weather Company are helping them do just that with AI analyzing billions of points of weather data emergency response teams are more prepared, more proactive and able to predict hazards to avoid delays. When every second counts, IBM solutions help first responders improve outcomes for people and save lives.


Insurance for smarter business

The age of smart insurance is here, with blockchain, AI and cloud opening new pathways to innovate, compete and profit. Transformative thinking that’s data-driven embraces modernization and digital customer engagement to help address risk management and compliance issues.

For one global insurance provider, smart insurance means optimizing the customer experience through AI. Intelligent chatbots handle commonly asked questions, helping to reduce call volume while freeing up sales agents to do what they do best — create relationships and sell.


Manufacturing for smarter business

With digital transformation disrupting traditional manufacturing processes, AI, IoT and the cloud will serve as the core foundational technologies critical for optimal plant floor operability, supply chain agility and ecosystem profitability.

Manufacturers are turning to IBM Watson to forecast and address, in real time, the bottom-line impact inclement weather has on raw material delivery and how to anticipate and address equipment failures to help minimize productivity and production losses.

Oil and gas

Oil and gas for smarter business

Oil and data are two of the world’s most valuable resources; their futures are intertwined. Oil and gas companies are working with IBM to better understand the complex systems and equipment used in exploration and production.

IBM Watson® AI solutions use data from IoT sensors, millions of files, decision logs and evaluations from around the world. This information helps engineers make more informed operational decisions to help avoid equipment problems.


Retail for smarter business

Smart retailing isn’t only about catching the latest consumer trend but also embracing disruption for competitive advantage. First, it was digital. Now, it’s machine learning and robotics that can help propel supply chain efficiencies, personalization and better forecasting for growth.

IBM Watson® AI and augmented reality help Sephora capitalize on digital disruption by allowing customers to virtually apply makeup on their mobile devices, find the right eyeshadow on a mobile, AI-based system or sample fragrances via in-store touchscreens that emit scents.

Blockchain ensures safer food

We all eat – and we’ve all had second thoughts about food’s safety or freshness.

What if we could replace those doubts with visibility into every step from farm to fork? Right now, companies across the food supply are doing just that, sharing and using data from IBM Food Trust™, built on the IBM Blockchain Platform.

Discover how growers, processors, distributors, retailers are others are making food safer, lengthening shelf lives, reducing waste, and unlocking better access to shared, secure information that impacts us all.

Telecom and media

Telecom and media for smarter business

Digital transformation is upending telecommunications and media companies as new competitive, consumer and technological forces are changing the overall mission. Traditional thinking requires a reimagining that is business smart and future-proof.

Communications service providers and media companies are meeting these forces head-on through advanced technologies such as IoT, blockchain, cloud and AI. These solutions can be utilized to help enable the transformation of networks, personalized customer experiences and more informed operational decision-making.

IBM Watson in Hollywood

Decision Focus solves problems with IBM Cloud

When Decision Focus wanted to develop a new governance, risk and compliance solution that provided assurance to their security-conscious enterprise customers, they chose IBM's Cloud platform. The 100% micro-services based offering was delivered in an easy-to-use, scalable and secure-to-the-core environment. Problem solved.