Science Fantasy
Meets Science Reality.

The IBM and Star Wars relationship shows that the technology in our world and a galaxy far, far away may not be so different. The Star Wars universe is filled with unbelievable technology, but a glance into IBM Research labs and Watson’s services reveals we may be closer than we think. With Star Wars and IBM, science fantasy meets science reality.

Episode 9:
Boba Fett

Boba Fett is among the Star Wars galaxy’s best bounty hunters. Part of what makes him great is all his gadgets and tech that help him do his job better. IBM Research is developing hyperimaging technology that could help drivers spot hidden hazards on the road here on Earth, but could it help Boba Fett find difficult targets?

Explore the inner and outer rim of the set

Look behind the scenes and get up close to some of the props.

IBM Watson

IBM Watson is the AI Platform for Business that is learning the language and nuances of specific industries and professions and augmenting human intelligence to scale expertise.

IBM Research

IBM Research is inventing things that matter to the world and pioneering some of today’s most promising and disruptive technologies, including AI, blockchain, and quantum computing. With labs on six continents, it is one of the largest industrial research organizations in the world.