Automation and robotics

Moving beyond basic robotics to intelligent interactions
Cutting-edge companies optimize operations for automation and train employees to interact with machines and robotics in innovative ways.

Six crucial strategies that define digital winners

Virtually all of us use companies that have pivoted to successful platform business models, embraced AI, and pioneered other digital technologies. These companies have inevitably taken one step beyond the obvious, and they’ve inevitably taken intrepid risks.

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Cognitive computing, combined with advances in robotics, will enable restructuring of banking’s labor force to move to higher-value, customer-focused interactions.
The potency of human/AI integration is a powerful literary device and metaphor. Human/AI interactions may soon become a powerful reality – and perhaps sooner than you think.
Read how advancements in artificial intelligence are spawning a new phase of automation: intelligent automation.
Intelligent machines are transforming the way humans interact with and benefit from technology, and the way businesses operate.
Which way to the future? The signals are utterly bewildering. As digital technologies transform the world, monopolies are winning big-time.
Travel companies that align cognitive programs with strategic priorities can improve the travel experience and streamline operations.
For companies that want to sustain a competitive advantage, optimizing the global operating model and footprint of activities in response to rapidly changing markets, technologies and operating conditions is more important than ever.

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