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Render disruption to be much less disruptive
Sudden, disruptive change is a reality that organizations must strategically accommodate, often by embracing innovative business models.

Agility, skills and cybersecurity

Learn how public and private sector leaders can work together to foster national and regional economic competitiveness in an era of uncertainty.

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With erratic international markets and equivocal domestic growth, Japanese businesses once again face challenges – but new business ecosystems are emerging.
Everything to the “right of boom” is about responding and dealing with the fact that a security breach is now known.
The potency of human/AI integration is a powerful literary device and metaphor. Human/AI interactions may soon become a powerful reality – and perhaps sooner than you think.
Which way to the future? The signals are utterly bewildering. As digital technologies transform the world, monopolies are winning big-time.
By addressing challenges directly, Germany can sustain its role as economic engine of the region and industrial inspiration for the world.
data is an untapped resource that offers huge opportunities for new products, business models and partnerships.
Innovation 2.0 moves organizations beyond “innovation theater” into more mature innovation adoption, driving measurable business results.
Despite the benefits – and inevitability – of ecosystem expansion, most leaders in a recent survey aren’t yet convinced to engage in them.

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