Tokens for personal mobility

Enabling automated transactions in real time

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Executive overview

Authors: Dele Atanda

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, Digital Innovation Officer, Global Lead, Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, IBM Global Business Services,
Stanley Yong

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, Global Lead, Central Bank DC Solutions, IBM Global Markets, Cloud Sales,
Shyam Duraiswami

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, Enterprise Architect - Digital Consultant in Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, IBM Services,
Ben Stanley

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, Automotive Research Leader, IBM Institute for Business Value

What’s a token?

Tokens are a versatile new form of value that can facilitate seamless transactions within a given usage domain such as commerce. A token typically only exists digitally and is governed by a blockchain. Tokens are secured through encryption and represent a type of value. Versatile and programmable, tokens exhibit features that can be useful in the machine-to-machine economy. As the reach of automation and digitalization extends further across the automotive industry and vehicles gain autonomy, the role and importance of a token as a form of exchange is destined to rise.

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