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The sun shines on solar

Consciousness, efficiency and the surge in the solar economy

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Decreasing energy production costs, increased public environmental responsibility and changing government policies are prompting more and more consumers to consider renewable energy sources. Solar energy, in particular, is gaining traction around the world. A new IBM Institute for Business value survey of more than 41,000 consumers reveals that, for energy and utility companies, increasing public affinity for solar power will potentially undermine established business models. How utilities respond to this changing environment will go a long way toward determining their future roles and extent of their success. Will they continue to focus mainly on power generation and delivery, or will they become orchestrators for a broader, richer, more highly coordinated power distribution ecosystem?

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Jeffrey Davis

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, IBM Institute for Business Value,;
Stephen Callahan

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, Vice President, Global Strategy,;
James Strapp

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, Global Industry Leader for Energy & Utilities,

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