New paths to success in the sharing economy

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A new route to success The Japanese economy is at a crossroads. With erratic international markets and equivocal domestic growth, Japanese businesses once again face challenges. Without a major paradigm shift, many Japanese organizations face the risk that temporary business headwinds could become a sustained economic typhoon. However, paradigms do change. New business ecosystems are emerging, founded on the operating principles of platform business models and the “sharing economy.” These ecosystems provide new pathways not only to transforming how customers engage, but redefining ways in which products are produced, priced and marketed.

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A changing consumer landscape means new opportunities to build customer loyalty.

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Kazuaki Ikeda

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, Vice President and Leader, IBM Strategy and Analytics, Japan,
Shuma Okamura

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, Senior Managing Consultant,
Dave Zaharchuk

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, Research Director, IBM Institute for Business Value

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