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Since the inception of call centers in the 1960s, many people have dreaded landing in a help line phone queue. Often, call centers have been defined by personnel with lack of expertise, language barriers and long wait times. The reason for these problems are manifold, including poor training, lack of access to data, the inability to scale based on uneven demand, not being open on evenings and weekends and an overriding focus on cost take-out over customer satisfaction. But recent improvements in artificial intelligence, machine learning and other cognitive technologies are poised to change everything.

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Meet the authors:

Atul Gupta

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, Vice President and Senior Partner, Global Cognitive Customer Care, IBM Services;
Prad Paskaran

Connect with author:

, IBM iX Contact Centre Practice Lead, IBM Services;
Brian Goehring

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, Associate Partner, AI / Cognitive & Analytics, IBM Institute for Business Value

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