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Coming soon to your business – Quantum computing

Five strategies to prepare for the paradigm-shifting technology

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Coming soon to your business – Quantum computing Quantum computing is nearing a phase of commercialization that may change our world. Visionary organizations are already aligning with the emerging quantum computing ecosystem to become “quantum ready” – exploring use cases and associated algorithms that address complex problems and help enable new business models. Explore what quantum computing represents for your business, why you may need to act now, and five steps on the path to quantum-enabled business advantage.

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Meet the Authors:

Jesus Mantas

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, Chief Strategy Officer and Managing Partner, Global Offerings, Assets, Ventures and Innovation, IBM Global Business Services,
Dr. Frederik Flöther

Connect with author:

, Global Life Sciences Leader, IBM Q Consulting,
Dr. Robert Sutor

Connect with author:

, Vice President, IBM Research, Quantum Computing Strategy and Ecosystem,
Dr. Dario Gil

Connect with author:

, COO, IBM Research, VP, AI and Quantum Computing,
Chris Schnabel

Connect with author:

, Offering Manager, IBM Global Quantum Computing,
Lynn Kesterson-Townes

Connect with author:

, Global Cloud & Quantum Leader, IBM Institute for Business Value, Global Business Services

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