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Wielding a double-edged sword

Preparing cybersecurity now for a quantum world

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Large-scale quantum computers will significantly expand computing power, creating new opportunities for improving cybersecurity. Quantum-era cybersecurity will wield the power to detect and deflect quantum-era cyberattacks before they cause harm. But it could become a double-edged sword, as quantum computing may also create new exposures, such as the ability to quickly solve the difficult math problems that are the basis of some forms of encryption. While post-quantum cryptography standards are still being finalized, businesses and other organizations can start preparing today.

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What exactly is quantum computing, and what does it take to achieve these quantum breakthroughs? Here’s what you need to know.

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Sridhar Muppidi

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, IBM Fellow, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, IBM Security;
Mary O'Brien

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, General Manager, IBM Security;
Walid Rjaibi

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, IBM Distinguished Engineer and Chief Technical Officer for Data Security, IBM Security

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