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Exploring quantum computing use cases for manufacturing

Quantum computing could help redefine manufacturing

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Enormous potential Quantum computing is expected to help develop breakthrough products and services that will disrupt and redefine manufacturing.

Business advantage Chemical discovery, product development, and process optimization are among the manufacturing areas likely to witness major innovations with quantum computing.

Substantial impact Early adopters have the opportunity to lock in advantages that will be enormously difficult to challenge.

How can IBM help you?

IBM Q is the world’s most advanced quantum computing initiative, focused on propelling the science and pioneering commercial applications for quantum advantage. Quantum computers are complex, but programming them doesn’t have to be. Try the new version of the best quantum platform for business and science.

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IBM Q Consulting brings together consultants, scientists, and industry experts to help clients realize new business value through the application of quantum computing technology, and deliver customized roadmaps to help them become quantum ready.

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Dr. Roman Malina

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, IBM Q Consulting, Global Leader Manufacturing, IBM Services,
Dr. Stefan Woerner

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, Global Leader, Quantum Finance and Optimization, IBM Research,
Lynn Kesterson-Townes

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, Global Cloud & Quantum Leader, IBM Institute for Business Value, Global Business Services

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